How the Epiphany is celebrated in other countries ? JASMINE Mobasher - 01/13/2017

In Puerto Rico, epiphany is celebrated by exchanging gifts and having a feast on January 5th, which is the Eve of Epiphany. Moreover, on January 6th, it is three kings day and during this, there are lots of festivals and parades. Día de Reyes is a special holiday that represents the Christmas season. January 6th marks the climax of the twelve days of Christmas and honors the three wise men who traveled from afar bearing gifts for the newly born baby, Jesus.

The tradition of Epiphany is to celebrated very seriously in Puerto Rico. The church declared the Magi saints giving each his own day of feast.on the days right after three kings day, the Octavas and Octavitas are celebrated, which was initially to honor the Magi. For example, El rey melchor who was the sultan of Arabia, el rey baltazar who was a Nubian king and ruler of Ethiopia, el rey gaspar who was the emperor of the orient and ruled over all oriental lands, and Los reyes magos.

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