meet our team!

Hello Team!

Recently, you could see that our team has grown in strength. We would like to share with you how we are organized, how we see our role in our company, how we want to work and what we have planned to do in the upcoming 3 months. We are happy to be a part of our company and to co-create with all of you. Enjoy the read and please share with us your views about this content and our plans.

The purpose of our team is to co-create extraordinary experience for our users by translating human needs into technology.

We serve our company in two dimensions - vertical and horizontal.

Vertically we are responsible to build a healthy and scalable adoption proof of our solution among gamers. We will do this under Billon brand. For us to be successful we need to deliver a great experience and technological stability of our products (app,, for all users within the ecosystem: end-users, merchants, streamers.

Horizontally we support all the institutional sales efforts by taking care of communication and commercial support materials for Billon Group brand.

Our big band consists of 3 ensembles:


We are here to assure that all our products and communication materials are functional and beautiful. We propose new ways to engage with our users through building user experience of our mobile and web products. We create graphic and video content that inspires and attracts users to our platform through all communication channels. All our efforts support the feffectiveness of our brands: Billon (directed to our end-users) and Billon Group (our mother brand directed mainly to all our institutional partners). Everything that we create should help our customers to better understand the value we bring to them. We co-create extraordinary experience for our users through design&UX.

Edi- Head of Design&UX: coordination and responsibility for all created materials, team support.

Ola- Graphic&Motion Designer: take graphic and motion projects from inception to completion

Tomek- Graphic&UX Designer: mobile and desktop app design, all products’ UX

Product Excellence&Delivery

At Billion Group we ensure that all our products dedicated to individual (mobile&desktop apps, and institutional customers (, especially payment products for e-commerce and streamers) are rich in functionalities, self-explanatory and easy to use. We want to translate human needs into great mobile, desktop and web products. We take care of the value generation potential of our products through defining appropriate pricing and assuring that we comply to market trends and regulations. We support our sales team in defining payouts products for our institutional partners. We co-create extraordinary experience for our users by defining and driving delivery of excellent products.

Olek- Product Excellence&Delivery Specialist: Financial analysis&modelling, gaming market expertise, web applications ownership (,

Dominik- Head of Product Excellence&Delivery: Mobile application ownership, desktop application ownership, business processes creation, new business strategy, pricing, product compliance and regulatory environment

Strategy, Communication, Culture

We want to tell a compelling story about our company- a story that inspires and attracts relevant audiences for Billon and Billon Group brands. We create the written content for all our communication channels: website, apps, social media and web products. We build user journeys that are easy to walk through. We deliver insights about our users to all other teams so we always stay human-centric. We make sure users, merchants and business partners will understand our solutions and keep on using them. We look for new market opportunities. We co-create extraordinary experience for our users by spreading the word about our excellent products.

Angela- Consumer Brands Specialist: co-create and execute strategy to involve new users and make them stay and actively use our application. Take care of communication and culture with our internal and external customers.

Beata- Institutional Brands Manager: ownership of all the communication for Billon Group, website ownership

Olga- Consumer Brands Manager: ownership of all the aspects of our launch for gamers, website ownership

Adam- Strategic Governance and Human-Centrism Evangelist: create strategy for activities associated with individual users (gamers/Billon Brand) and our partners (Billon Group Brand) in a human centric convention

Maciej- Digital PR&Content Specialist: owner of all the words used in our communication, create content for apps, websites and social media

How do we work:

We apply a human-centered design thinking. We are excited about the possibilities our technology gives people all over the world. We want to keep our users always at the center of what we do. Please see a short video explaining a human-centered design process.

We also came up with the pillars of the culture we want to work in. It is based on the following principles:

We put our customers first- following Sam Walton’s words: “There is only one boss – the customer. And he can fire everybody in the company from the chairman on down, simply by spending his money somewhere else.”
Courage- We believe that what we do is truly innovative and there are no ready answers. Therefore we need to be courageous in changing the status quo.
Determination- We will never give up.
We>Me- We are here to serve the greater good of our company and our egos should serve us, not drive us. We are here primarily to deliver extraordinary experience for all our users.
Focus- We have limited time and money, so we will say no to thousands of things in order to to say yes and fully invest our energy in one thing that truly matters now.
Constant Learning & Self Development- we believe learning is a lifetime task, we can always improve details of our work, and we take ownership of our own development by actively looking for areas in which we can improve.
Openness&Trust- We openly speak about how we feel and what we think and we also welcome with open mind&heart ideas and feelings of others. We are true to ourselves. We build the trust to each other by walking our talk and keeping even small agreements, day in, day out.

Our priorities for upcoming 3 months:


Billon: New website, new social media channels, new app, new, new all these elements will create brand new experience for our end-users. We want to test all the elements with gamers, streamers and merchants.

Billon Group: New identity, new website, new social media channels. All these elements will create new experience for our institutional partners.


Billon: Promotional campaign for gamers - we want to prove that we have a healthy and scalable business case. That means we are able to attract users with high conversion rate and low acquisition cost and then we can keep them on our platform. To achieve this we need to have an impeccable experience of our products and also a number of merchants connected to our platform (directly: to show that our solution for e-commerce is better than others, indirectly via eCard, przelewy24 etc.: to provide a wide coverage for our users)

Billon Group: Implement communication strategy and promote us in relevant channels.


Billon: Depending on our results from May- expand our reach also to the wider youth category or further tweak our experience and results for gamers

Billon Group: Big Bang at Money 2020, where we will show results of our work both for end users and institutional partners.



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