Allegiant Book Review by: alexa, mms

The question is will their loyalty remain the same or not? In the third book of the Divergent series, Allegiant written by Veronica Roth, Tris, a girl who lives in a strange city where her parents died, wanted to go against David because she found out that he wanted to go against people in the city of Chicago where she use to live. However David found out that Tris was going against him. As a result she goes on with the plan but sooner then she was expecting. After something bad really happens.

My favorite part was when Tris, Tobias, Christina and other people get beyond the wall. It was night when they got beyond the wall. My emotions were so happy. Their emotions were, sad, and hurt. When they got beyond the wall people died and people got shot. All the people that were going to go beyond the wall were very close to each other.

he life lesson that I learned was that don’t always depend on a person to do something because they can betray you, because throughout the book Tris, David, etc were depending on people to do stuff, but they never end up doing it or they betray people and did what the enemy tells them to do.

The love between Tobias and his mom throughout the book was complicated. At the beginning of the book they are basicly enemies. She does not want him to go beyond the wall. He disobeys that and he goes the beyond the wall. At the end of the book she gives up a big plan she has for the love of Tobias.

People who would do anything for their family, people who would destroy loyalty for their family would love this book.

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