What Is Shame? Brené Brown is A WORLD-RENOWNED RESEARCHER OF SHAME. Here's what she has to say....

'Shame is the intensely painful feeling that we are unworthy of love and belonging...

'(It) is the most powerful, master emotion. It’s the fear that we’re not good enough.'

'The difference between shame and guilt is the difference between 'I am bad' and 'I did something bad.'

'Guilt is just as powerful, but its influence is positive, while shame's is destructive. Shame erodes our courage and fuels disengagement.'

'I’m just going to say it: I’m pro-guilt. Guilt is good. Guilt helps us stay on track because it’s about our behavior. It occurs when we compare something we’ve done – or failed to do – with our personal values.'

'Shame corrodes the very part of us that believes we are capable of change.'

'Shame, blame, disrespect, betrayal, and the withholding of affection damage the roots from which love grows. Love can only survive these injuries if they are acknowledged, healed and rare.'

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