Dreams Final project 2016

Universal theme- Some dreams can be far, too far out to reach.

" of mice and men"


"The necklace"

"She suffered ceaselessly, feeling herself born for all the delicacies and all the luxuries. She suffered from the poverty of her dwelling, from the wretched look of the walls, from the worn- out chairs, from the ugliness of the curtains. All those things, of which another woman of her rank would never even have been conscious, tortured her and made her angry”( Maupassant 1).

The author is trying to set a point that wishing is not going to help your situation. Mine. Loisel just wanted to live the fine life and out of no actual hard work. She just kept saying to herself I wish i was rich and I wish I had possessions, things like that that couldn't come true just from wishing. Her dream was too far out to reach because of her laziness and her poverty.

"She had no dresses, no jewels, nothing; and these were the only things she loved. She felt she was made for them alone. She wanted so much to charm, to be envied, to be desired and sought after"( Maupassant 1).

Mine. Loisel doesn't get that not all dreams come true and her envy is not helping either. The author is trying to tell us that no matter how much we wish and dream for something we won't always achieve it mine. Loisel an example herself.

"The strange case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde"

Jekyll took the Potion that he made to separate the good from evil, and instead turned him into Mr. Hyde his evil took over, and his wish of separating the bad from the good was relequished.

"Dear Utterson: In all of us, there is both good and evil. I wondered: what if I could separate myself in two? My evil side could enjoy itself, and my good side could be free of corruption”( Stevenson 23).

Doctor Jekyll’s dream was to separate his evil from good by creating a potion that would separate the two but it backfired on him and instead of they both separating the evil side Mr. Hide took over Dr. Jekyll and he started doing harm. Jekyll ended up killing himself for Hide won't take over. Jekyll was so blinded by his dream that it backfired and stretched out too far to actually accomplish the dream. Once again showing that dreams be difficult to reach.

So what? Impact

Dreams are a very important part of the humans mind. They create fictional realitys whom people desire. But most dreams are nothing but fiction. One wishes for a certain reality that either can exist with a little push or is down right stretched to and infinite loop. Meaning not all dreams come true. A person can wish all they want but it doesn't mean any of what they have wished would somehow become reality. People need to understand this wished are all but that they can come true but I would take a hard ethic to make them happen. Dreams are a stretch, but you can always count on them to escape from the real world.

So what you can do is dare to dream. Dreams can be stretched so far out that you cannot get a hold of them. For example, MLK he had the famous I have a dream speach in one part of the speech really caught my eye,"I say to you today, my friends, that in spite of the difficulties and frustrations of the moment, I still have a dream." This quote really catches my attention because he says he has a dream just like everyone else for him is to once and for all really free the black lives over racism. Most say his speech and dream did come true but, I ask myself look st the violence and cruelty for the African Americans. Did his dream come true? I say no it did not. His reality was over taken by everyone else. Again dreams are a stretch.

Over all, I've learned that dreams are the thing that makes us humans. They help us escape from reality. My theme ,Some dreams can be far, too far out to reach, give a sense of not hiring expectational promises I can dream but that is all that is I can wish but not hope. Dreams are a distant destination that are stretched like a long highway they are distant. Like MLK would say ," I have dream".

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