Burundi Running Club Breaking Free Organization

Burundi is facing many problems but one of the biggest is the dictator's actions. He banned running and many of the kids who live in Burundi have a great passion for running, so we are making their dreams and passions a reality. Our mission is to stop Government control by making people have the passion and option to run.
"When I heard about Pierre's ban on running I fell to my knees and cried, running is my life."-Diane Vernidili
"This Organization made me run my heart out, and that was the time I felt happiness again"-Evariste Bunshabi
Diane Vernindi

Diane grew up in a small village on the east side of Burundi. She dreamed of being a professional runner, and she knew she was good too. Because up till the age of 14 she made journeys of up to 12 miles every day just to fetch water for her village.

Then one day when she was helping her mother garden, news spread in her village that a team from our organization was going to come. "I was filled with excitement at that moment." Diane told us. She said that at any moment she was ready to hop on a plane with us and run in America. and her dream came true, she dreamed to simply run, and we made that happen.

Our Group Of Kids

"These kids have such a passion to run they would leave their village and family for weeks just to run, I think that's amazing." Says Joanna Pulitzer (woman posing in back)

The kids that join our organization are very special. We send teams out to go into Burundi and find kids (any age) that have a passion to run. We give them a chance in America to run, if they choose a couple weeks, a summer, whatever it is to just run. We have shelters in the west coast where they stay with their coaches and advisors. It is a life changing experience says many of the kids.

Donating Supplies or Shoes to run.

Our organization brings the kids to and from Burundi without any cost, we use the money from our organization. But, not all the kids have the right running gear to run in America, like sneakers and good clothes.

Please Donate Money: The sneakers are $10 each and clothes are $5. These kids, all they want to do is run.

"LET THEM RUN"-Diane Nukuri (Olympic Athlete)

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