JIN WOOHYUNG UX expert / visual design

DESIGN THINKING is not only about result of beautiful pixels, but also to find a best solution for interaction with people.


1. DETECTION Questions & Problems

2. RESEARCH Personas, Behaviour & Needs

3. DECISION Nice to have VS. Must have

4. CONNECTION Objects & Human

5. ENLIVENMENT Pixel perfect

but the most important part of this process is...TEAM WORK!!
Webdesign & Development - Glowbeautybar.com
Digital measurement software - ZYSE.me
Ecommerce Template - Tailor&Tales
Tablet Template and Styleguide - Qipu GmbH
Email Template - Qipu GmbH
Webdesign & Development - Alexkat
Web Design & Development - Soldonna.com
Web Design & Development - Kuisoon-park.com
Icons Design - Qipu GmbH
Advertorial - Bild Magazine
Flyer Design - Tailor & Tales
Brochure - Qipu GmbH
CI develop - premiereconomy
T-shirts design - Qipu GmbH

Do you want to see more? on my homepage you can find more details.

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woohyung jin


all copyright @ jin woohyung / jinwh.com

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