Madeline Potter

Who am I?


Social Media Content allows for many opportunities. I hope to develop the skills to create user-friendly, desirable, and relative content for each social medium. In doing this, I look forward to sharpening my skill set with Adobe programs such as InDesign and Photoshop. Throughout this course, I will strive to create content that shows my best work and is portfolio worthy.


Although the GIF cannot upload to a Spark Page, this was my favorite project in the class because I got to learn about a new type of medium and learn how to make one.

Visual Filter for Universal Truth

Ideas and First Draft

I would probably put this filter somewhere like the health center or a doctor's office to liven the mood of what is normally not an inviting place.

Medium Series

Scott Disick

While Medium Series has potential, this was definitely the hardest platform to work with. It is not very user friendly and more design tools would be helpful.

Recipe for a Story


Instagram Stories was one of my favorite platforms to use in this class. It is user friendly, has many design tools, and allows for many people to see the story easily. This platform, in my opinion, is probably the most useful when it comes to businesses advertising through social media.

Snapchat Influence


In addition to Instagram Stories, Snapchat stories are very easy to use for anyone trying to advertise something. These are very popular with celebrities as well.



My group and I came up with 40 hashtags to use, and then created the best 5 into banner ads.



#AgeIsJustANumber (Madeline)


#AgeismIsOld (Joe)











#NotANumber (Sierra)














#WisdomHasNoAge (TiTi)



#MoreThanANumber (Sierra)









This is the banner ad I created. The idea comes from the initial thought is, "They're just numbers." when you look at the image. Hence, age is just a number. The initial assignment for this project was fun to work off of.


Medium Series

Something Disruptive

A Pecha Kucha is a form of a presentation; the presenter will talk over 20 slides for 20 seconds. My Pecha Kucha was on Hoverboards.

This project definitely would have been easier if we did a Pecha Kucha on all of our projects over the term and explaining our ideas and thought processes for each one.

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