Chemtrails not 'Contrails' by : JOhn dorotheo, David park, and koby rubio


Chemtrails has been following up since the 1980's.

It has polluted the atmosphere with micro particles of aluminum which enters into the lungs of millions or even trillions of people across the globe.

Interestingly enough, the plants and vegetables that we grow each year consists of this material which is supposed to help enhance weather.

Below is a map which showcases the amount of aluminum concentration or (PPM) that is the air. Chemtrails are often spread in regions where it consists of a higher population rate. A coincidence?

So who could be behind all of this? DARPA? Pentagon? Secret Plan/ Agenda?

According to Peter K. Kirby, researcher, writer and activist, he believes that the whole deal with chemtrails is directly linked with the Manhattan Project, which is has been kept hidden from public view. Geoengineering is not something small, it´s something incredibly huge, linked with military navy exercises. Better known as the HAARP, a joint project funded by the U.S air force, Navy, and DARPA is being carried out as we know it.

Where are the chemtrails being spread? The chemtrails are usually being spread throughout the Tropospheric and Stratospheric atmosphere. Aluminum particles are left in the atmosphere to be electromagnetically heated.


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