Outdoor Recreation Economy Initiative OREGON STATE UNIVERSITY

In January 2019, Oregon State University launched the Outdoor Recreation Economy Initiative (OREI) to support the nearly $800 billion outdoor recreation industry, serving outdoor private companies, nonprofits, and public agencies. The aim of OREI is to create workforce development (training) and professional education programs (courses), both online and in-class, that respond to the industry’s fast-changing workforce needs.

The current workforce development model was designed to serve local clusters of industries with uniform skill requirements and predictable career advancement pathways. Our courses are anything but uniform and predictable; we design and develop effective, engaging, and surprising experiences that can be utilized by current and prospective industry workers.

For those already working in the outdoor industry, we help enhance their education so they can advance their careers. For recent high school and college graduates, it means building targeted, in-demand skills in order to enter this rapidly growing field while encouraging their long-term success.

What exactly do custom-built, world-class educational experiences look like? Have a look at the pilot programs we ran in 2020.

Foundations of the Outdoor Recreation Industry: This course will give the student the fundamental background and working knowledge of the current state of the outdoor rec industry.

Ski Industry - Lift Technician Level 1 Training: This dynamic online training will supply ski area lift technicians and operators the opportunity to learn mechanical and technical aspects of lift maintenance and usage.

Outdoor Industry Leadership & Management Certificate: This course series offers the participant with relevant, real-world solutions and theories with which to build their leadership and management potential - packaged in a one-of-a-kind learning experience that includes a personal coach, self-assessments, and an applied capstone project..

Why OSU? As Oregon’s land-grant institution, we have a 150+ year legacy of collaborating with industry, government, and community organizations to support and enhance sustainable natural resource-based jobs and industries. This includes the aforementioned customized training and education, and learning experiences tailored to client, sector, or industry.

OREI seeks to support and enhance ALL representative aspects and subsectors of the outdoor industry, from camping to skiing, to boating, to fishing - and everything in between. We also aim to do so with a lens of equity and inclusion, housed within the world class learning experiences that OSU is known for.

We look forward to working with you!

OREI was specifically created to join forces with private and public partners to strategically address a critical need for workforce development in Oregon and beyond.

Contact us!

Meredith Morrice, Industry Engagement Manager

(503) 200-9595 | meredith.morrice@oregonstate.edu


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