Varsity Volleyball End of the year party

January 6th, 2017.

This day is when we have our end of the year party. We were supposed to have it closer to Christmas so we could do a white elephant, but everyone's busy schedule's didn't allow it.

After school, I hung with Kellie and Chloe before I had to go home and get ready. We played some ping pong and things were getting intense.

I gave Kass a ride to the party. The party started at 5 and was in West Salem, but I didn't pick her up until 5 and she lives in South Salem... oops!

Kass' "we're fashionably late" face

It took us a solid 30 minutes to get there so we were the last to show up. On our journey, I almost broke my car, and we almost slid on ice. Both were equally traumatizing.

First thing I did was say hi, and started making my pizza.

Coach takes his pizza making party pretty seriously. He has all the toppings, and even a special "egg" to cook them in. Me being coach's favorite and all, I had to get a selfie with him

The party's just gettin' started

Lots of laughs and jokes were going around, but sorry to say, I can't repeat them. They're inside jokes only.

Come on Selb, secrets don't make friends
Here's some of us. (not so) patiently waiting for our pizzas to cook.

Our Coach has a really cute dog named Ellie. Apparently Kass has something against her because this happened:

I don't know why Kenzie thought it was so funny.. poor Ellie. (Jk it was hilarious bc she put her chair on part of the dogs' tail and it got up right away. Don't worry she was okay.)

Eventually, we got on the topic of gangs, and we tried teaching the innocent teammates some of the signs

They were quick learners

After pizza came some gooooood dessert

Like I said, it was goooood

After all of the fun, we were sad to leave:(

It was some good times

This was just a little piece of dinner, and a even smaller piece of our team.

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