november 2018

Volume 3, Number 11

Jeffry Booher, Editor In Chief

There is one thing the photograph must contain, the humanity of the moment―Robert Frank


Jeffry Booher

If you ask most people they will tell you that I love Darkroomers. I think it is the best photography club in San Diego and I think it is the most unique club in the world. I recognized its uniqueness the minute I walked through the doors of the Photographic Arts Building.

I was anxious to become a member

I joined Darkroomers in August 2013 and I have seen a lot of change in those 5 years--a lot of it for the better. One day I will not be the club's President but I will be able to look back and say I made a difference.

I would not be able to say that, though, if it were not for two people: Darci Hook and Michael Fairbanks.

Darci did a lot of the jobs that I do today back when I joined. In today's money she was the Programs Director, Membership Director and Interclub Director. She was responsible for getting me in the door. Darci designed an outreach program to help recruit new members from the community. The one thing she did not know was that I was trying to join but the club's email was going unanswered. Anyway, her outreach program connected me with the club and introduced me to a lot of great people.

More importantly, though, Michael Fairbanks was quintessential to my immersion into the club as a new member. Michael cared and he made me feel welcome by sending the occasional email letting me know what was going on with the club: events coming up, programs, outings, etc... He helped me navigate the myriad of processes that Darkroomers employed for exhibitions and competitions. He gave me guidance to becoming a better photographer and printmaker, and he was always available to answer questions. He was my mentor and, without him, I would have been lost.

● ● ●

Michael's mentorship model is the model I plan to implement starting in 2019. Finding mentors for new members will be added to the list of responsibilities for the Membership Director as will be building the mentorship program.

I hope that the program is a success and improves the level of new member participation. More importantly, though, it is through the mentorship program that future leaders for the club will be cultivated so that I will one day be able to not be the club's President...

program news

painted rose

Daisy by Joan Everds

Our November 7th meeting is a going to be a great one. We are excited to welcome resident expert and Darkroomer, Joan Everds, to come demonstrate how she creates stunning images using Corel Painter.

Believe us when we tell you that you will not want to miss this opportunity to learn a new tool. We have been begging Joan to do this for years now so this is truly a once in a lifetime event!

● ● ●


Congratulations to our 3rd Quarter winning photos

All Eyes were on Darkroomers last month as our Quarterly Competition opened the windows to the souls of the participants.

The competition brought in a full complement of visitors, even garnering a new member, but it was Terri Thompson who saw the light and brought home the bacon with three wins at the quarterly congregation. Terri's big showing was not enough, though, to unseat front-runners, Rick and Joyce, who still hold a slight lead over the rest of the crowd.

It is still anyone's game going into the fourth quarter...

● ● ●

Time to reflect

Twilight Reflection by Jim Hatcher

The final quarter of 2018 has us all reflecting on our accomplishments of the year as we search for things the year. The quarter is a short one with the competition being held on December 5th; the competition starts at 7P so get to the meeting early as we start reflecting promptly at 7P...

If you have yet to figure it out, the theme for the quarter is Reflections and the competition is going to be stiff! If you cannot find something to photograph then just take a selfie in the mirror―or about a million other things that reflect...

● ● ●

November wraps up our program calendar for the year. We have a Quarterly Competition for the first meeting in December and then it's all eyes on the Year End Competition. The December edition of In Focus will be heavy with a lot of competition information―the Quarterly Competition and the Year End Competition. So watch for the December edition of In Focus in your mailboxes for a lot of important information.


Congratulations to Tanya Solario and David Poplawski who were nominated to the offices of Secretary and Vice President, respectively.

Tanya had already been serving as Secretary since taking over for Ruth earlier this year as a Presidential appointment so her nomination and subsequent election begins a fresh new term for the office and we are just happy as all get out to have her scribe the official record for the club.

David starts his new role at the first of the year and he has been a driving force for the club since the day he joined. He has been passionate about making Darkroomers fun and force for quality. We could not have asked for a better candidate than Dave to run the office and we look forward to the judges he will bring to evaluate our images in 2019!

interclub news

thanks to Interclub

The final Interclub competition of 2018 is November 27th at 7:30P in the Photographic Arts Building. Normally it is held on the 3rd Tuesday of the Month which is November 20th but, with most of the staff on break for the Thanksgiving Holiday, the Committee decided to move it one week later to November 27. That gives Darkroomers an extra week and one more exhibition to get some terrific images in for the final push of the year!

Darkroomers is a distant 3rd but vying for 2nd Place. The club has a decent chance of moving into 2nd Place but we need some good entries so send in your entries!

We desperately need images for Interclub

Send your images to submissions@darkroomers.com today! The more we get, the better our chances so send them in today!

scacc news


In an 11th hour, closed door, session, Ken Wright (President, Stereo Club), stepped up to take on the responsibilities of SCACC President in the interim. SCACC appoints a Nominating Committee to elect officers in January and those nominees are elected at the SCACC meeting in March so that they can take office April 1st.

Ken's agreement with the Board of Directors to take on the role of President in the interim means that he will only serve as President until March 31st. So we will need to do this again and find a President in 2019 but we are fine for now...

We will lock the building and throw away the keys on April 1st if we cannot find someone to install as SCACC President

● ● ●

The office of Vice President of Programs went vacant and falls to the President who will distribute the responsibilities to Jeff. Everybody wins!

● ● ●

SCACC Board of Directors meets for its regular bi-monthly meeting, the final meeting of 2018, on Tuesday, November 6th at 7P in the Photographic Arts Building. Topics are sure to be things like "Now what" and "Who's actually in charge"...

● ● ●


N. David King

Our Judge for November is San Diego City College Professor of Photography, N. David King. David has been a commercial photographer since 1969 specializing in product shots and editorial portraiture. He also is a writer/producer/director of industrial and training video production. Currently he is a Professor of Photography at San Diego City College and a presenter of seminars and workshops on photography and creativity. He is one of the driving forces for photography at City College and helped design the program and curriculum. We are fortunate to have him teach and lecture for us on occasion.


In addition to specific photo and digital photo related topics such as HDR, Macro, Panoramas and Mosaics, etc. he also speaks on more general topics such as Creativity, becoming a Black Belt Photographer, and The Photo tips of Leonardo da Vinci...

● ● ●

● ● ●

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