Molybdenum By maddy

The Basics

  • Boiling point: 4,639 celcius or 4912 K
  • Melting point: 2,623 celcius or 2896 K
  • group: transition metal

But... What does this have to do with molybdenum?

You're about to find out.


  • hard, shiny
  • metal
  • looks like lead


Orginin of the Name

Greek word for lead: molybdos

molybdenum pronounced: mo-LIB-de-num


  • Scientists thought it was lead
  • 1778, Carl Whelhem Scheele- not lead
  • makes acid (molybic acid)
  • hard to find metal
  • 1781, Peter Jacb Hjlem- found metal


Molybic acid+ carbon+ linseed oli= paste

paste+ heat=molybdenum


BiologiCal, Medicinal, InduStrial



  • steel+molybdenum=really strong
  • 300,000 lbs per square inch
  • high temperatures


  • molybdenum disulphide
  • electrical cords
  • aircraft parts


  • tetrathiomolybdate can treat wilson's disease
4 sulfur compounds+ molybdenum compound= tetrathiomolybdate
  • naturally forms compound with copper
  • sucks copper out


Enzyme: protein that helps chemical reactions happen

In humans

  • sulfite oxidase: sulfite➡️sulfate
  • breaks down animo acid
  • Alehyde oxidase: breaks down:
  • things we shouldn't eat
  • medicines

In plants

  • nitrogenase: helps plants like beans grow
  • plants turn nitrogen into to digestible form
  • we need for us to grow

Nothing could be alive without molybdenum


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