Ski Trip


On the first day of our trip, we visited Munich, one of the most interesting and historical cities of Europe.

During our stay in this beautiful city, we went to the City Centre, Second World War historical sites, The Dachau Concentration Camp, Allianz Arena and BMW World.


This city gave us a great surprise with beautiful landscapes, castles and typical villas covered in snow

Neuschwanstein Castle


This is the city where all the action was going to take place. Finally, we were ready to ski!

Ski slopes


A quick stop to know this beautiful town, famous because of the movie The Sound of Music and its very unique architecture



Also known as the City of Music, because of the great musicians that lived and performed there, it is home of majestic buildings and stories


This is considered as one of the most beautiful cities of all Europe and we were here enjoying amazing landscapes, stories and even culinary experiences


Raúl Elizondo

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