The boy who cried wolf Passed down to: karen mendoza

Once there was a boy who sat on the hillside very bored out of his mind.
To amuse himself he cried out, "Wolf!, wolf!, the wolf is attacking me!"
Villagers came running up to the top of the hill to ensure the boy's safety.
The villagers told the boy there was no wolf and to stop the panic.
The boy sneakily laughs to his amusement as the villagers return to the bottom of the hill.
Again, the boy cries out, "Wolf!, Wolf!, The wolf is attacking me!"
Again, the villagers come running up to the top of the hill to ensure safety.
The boy dies of laughter as the men arrive.
"Stop your crying and save it for when a wolf is actually attacking you", the villagers sternly say as they walk back down the hill.
Later, a REAL wolf approaches the boy and attacks him.
But, the villagers thought he was trying to fool them again, so they didn't go to the boy.
At sunset, everyone wondered why the boy hadn't returned to the village, so they went up the hill to search for the boy.
They didn't find anyone but the boy's dirty stained shorts...

Meaning: don't lie

Significance: don't lie or else later in the future, people won't believe you.


Created with images by rightee - "Silbury Hill" • Travis Isaacs - "Bored" • elijahssong - "boy son family" • SAN_DRINO - "Worried about ?" • jasonbolonski - "Calm" • Pexels - "africa boy child" • bixentro - "SCREAM!" • Upsilon Andromedae - "Scared" • red line highway - "laugh" • Unsplash - "child kid african" • riad135 - "baby newborn surprise" • Stewart Black - "Liar!" • Jen SFO-BCN - "Worried" • vinodvv aka vcube - "untitled image" • vinodvv aka vcube - "untitled image" • vinodvv aka vcube - "untitled image"

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