Al capone By Gage Sienerth


Alphonse Gabriel "Al" Capone was born on February 17, 1899 and grew to be one of the biggest mafia/gang bosses of all time.He was born in Brooklyn,New York to Italian immigrants.Capone initially was part of small time gangs like the Junior Forty Theives,Bowery Boys then he joined the Brooklyn Rippers.Not long after that he joined the Powerful Five Points Gang.During this time he was employed and mentored by fellow racketeer Frankie Yale a bartender in Coney Island.During one Capone insulted a girl at a Brooklyn Nightclub and was slashed by her brother Frank Galluchio and that deemed his nickname:Scarface


In January25, Capone was ambushed left shakes but unhurt,several days later torrio was returning from the store when he was shot several times.After recovering tórrio resigned and gave control to Capone at age 26 who became the boss who took in illegal breweries.Capone indulged in custom suits,cigars and food and alcohol.Capone paid $40,000 to beer magnate August Busch for a 14-room retreat at 93 Palm Avenue on Palm Island, Florida,he was involved in a bombing that killed over 100 people

Valentines Day Massacre

Capone was widely assumed that he was responsible for the massacre on February 25, to kill bugs morían.Moran was the last survivor of the main North Side gunmen; his succession had come about because his similarly aggressive predecessors Vincent Drucci and Hymie Weiss had been killed in the violence that followed the murder of original leader Dean O'Banion.the massacre led to the death of many members of both gangs


"You can get much farther with a kind word and a gun than you can with a kind word alone"

Death and jail time

Capone was sent to Atlanta U.S. Penitentiary in May 1932, aged 33. Upon his arrival at Atlanta, the 250-pound (110 kg) Capone was officially diagnosed with syphilis and gonorrhoea. He was also suffering from withdrawal symptoms from cocaine addiction, the use of which had perforated his septum. Capone was competent at his prison job of stitching soles on shoes for eight hours a day.He later died of heart problems


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