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Landforms and Bodies of Water

1.The region of southern africa consists of 10 southernmost countries........ 2.It is bordered by the indian ocean to the east, and the atlantic ocean to the west...... 3.It also includes 4 independent countries


1.if africas southern geography could be described in one word, it would be high......... 2.The plateaus outer edges form a steep slope called the great escarpment............................... 3.As the great escarpment follows south africas coastline, it forms the drakensburg mountains


1.southern africa has a wide variety of climates,.................................................................. 2.The tropic of capricorn crosses the middle of southern africa................................................. 3.daily average temperatures range from the upper 60s


zambezi, limpopo, and orange drain

which type of landform is most common in southern africa



the tropic of capricorn crosses the middle of sothern africa

temperatures range from the upper 60s

mozambiques coastline is watered by rain-bearing winds


lesotho, swaziland, and eastern south africa, including the indian ocean coastline are much wetter

much of south africa central namibia eastern botswana and southern mozambique have temperate or moderate climates that are nt marked by extremes of temperature


western south africa, western namibia, and much of botswana are arid

The kalihari also gets a little more precipitation than namib.

“Why are temperatures in Southern Africa’s tropical countries generally not hot?”

its rainfall is in large amounts so it makes it not very hot. like me. ;-(

Natural resources “What natural resources are found in Southern Africa, and why are they important?”



The republic of south africa has some of the largest mineral reserves in the world.

It is the worlds largest producer of platinum, chromium, and gold, and one of the largest producers of diamonds.

Energy resources

Namibia has oil and natural gas deposits, too, and they are slowly being developed

the regions rivers are another resource for providing power.

Minerals and other resources

Namibia is one of africas richest countries in mineral resources

Diamonds used for this purpose are called blood diamonds.


Poaching, or illegally killing game, is a problem

“How does deforestation affect the energy supply in the region?”

trees are a source of energy, no trees, no energy


Rise of kingdoms

Southern africas indigenous people have inhabited the region for thousands of years.

Great zimbabwe

Great zimbabwe was the largest of many similar cities throughout the region

The city's ruins show the shona's skill as builders

The mutapa empire

The portuguese arrived and took over the coastal trade in the 1500s.

They gradually gained control over the empire and forced its people to mine gold for them.

Other kingdoms

A series of kingdoms rose and fell of madagascar from the 1600s to the 1800s.

The Zulu leader Shaka united his people in the early 1800s to form the Zulu empire in what is now south africa.

European colonies

Around 1500, Portugal and oter european countries began establishing settlements along the african coast.

this is a bee colony

clashes in south africa

The africans did not like the dutch pushing into their land, and soon they started fighting over it.

The union of south africa

In the 1860s, the boers discovered diamonds in their territory.

Colonialism in other areas

European control in south africa continued for about the next 80 years

“Which European country claimed the most territory in Southern Africa in the 1800s?”


Independance and equal rights

French rule in madagascar ended in 1960, making it the first southern african country to gain independence.

The end of portuguese rule

By 1974, the portuguese had grown tired of these bloody and expensive wars.

The birth of zimbabwe

Rhodesia's african population demaded the right to vote.

Equal rights in south africa

english south africans controlled the government until the end of world war 2.

by the 1970s, apartheid related events in south africa had gained world attention

in 1995 the new government created a Truth and Reconciliation Commission


The people of the region

the population of south africa is overwhelmingly black african

Population patterns

southern africas countries vary widely in population.

population depends heavily on geography and economics

south africa and angola are about the same size

ethnic and culture groups

africans are not a single people

about 4 million tswana form the major population group in botswana.

About half of namibias people belong to this ethnic group

Religion and languages

portuguese remains the official language in angola and mozambique

southern africas colonial past has also influenced its peoples religious beliefs.

Question - “What is the main religion practiced in Southern Africa?”


life in southern africa

as in other regions of africa, life differs from city to countryside.

urban life

It holds some 4.5 million people

urban growth and change

the regions cities have a mix of many ethnic groups and cultures.

Every black ethnic group in southern africa is present as well

Outbreaks cholera and other diseases have resulted in drinking polluted water

family and traditional life

rural villages are often small

in recent times more and more men have been leaving their villages to work at jobs in cities or in mines

“Where in their countries do most Southern Africans live?”


southern africa today

Still, the region faces serious social economic and political changes

Health issues

life expentancy in southern africa is low


Southern africa has some of the highest rates of infant death in the world

Malaria a tropical carried by mosquitoes is a problem in several countries

the high incidence of HIV / AIDS have disrupted the labor force by the breathing countries of needed workers

Progress and growth

angola and mozambique continue to rebuild the cities and towns

oil exports in angola and aluminum exports in mozambique help finance this effort

help from other countries

other countries and international organizations have also made huge investments in the region

the united states has used economic aid to strengthen democracy in southern africa

Why is life expectancy in Southern Africa so low?”

there are many diseases and it kills people


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