Michelangelo Italian Sculptor and painter


Michelangelo was an amazing renaissance artist and his art was remembered throughout history. Wether it be for his art or the ninja turtle named after him, Michelangelo would be idolized and recognized throughout history.


Born on March 6, 1475, Michelangelo had a rough childhood, but still went on to change merany people's lives with his work. Michelangelo was born in a smalle village in Florence to a family with four other children. His early years of life weren't that joyful. His mother died when he was six and his father was very strict and demanding. Many people believe Michelangelo's rough childhood contributed to the extremely short temper of his.

Training and Education

Michelangelo became an apprentice to a painter in Florence when he was thirteen. Soon after when he was fifteen he began to study under a sculptor that worked for a powerful family called the Medicis. He lived with the Medici family for a time and met many great artists, thinkers, and writers.

The Sistine Chapel

The Sistine Chapel is a large and grand work of art, made by the skillful hands of Michelangelo. Before the Chapel became his canvas, in 1508 Michelangelo was visited by Pope Julius II and asked to paint a mural on the walls of the chapel. Being the ambitious genius he was Michelangelo agreed without another thought. After many hard working days the pope became angry with Michelangelo for taking so long, he became so furious that he hit the artist over the head with his walking stick. Michelangelo threatened to walk out of the unfinished building without a second thought when the pope got onto his knees and begged for forgiveness. Being the man he is, Michelangelo came back and finished the Chapel in 1512. Starting on a new piece of art right after.


Poetry was another one of Michelangelo's many talents. Many of his poems were about Neoplatonic love another way of saying that a soul can come from a single source from which it can unite again. Other later poems are Christian, with a sorrowful and regretful mood, written simply and directly.

The Last Judgement

The Last Judgement is one of the most well known works of Michelangelo and is an amazing example of this artist's skill with a brush. The painting shows angels pushing the damned down to hell as the grapple onto the objects and people near them begging and pleading for a savior. It also shows the angels helping and guiding the saved to heaven. You can almost hear the trumpets blaring at the damned and the screams of agony and terror that follow. With his amazing skills Michelangelo made this masterpiece feel alive.


All in all Michelangelo was an amazing artist that had many defining traits. From his amazing skills with a paint brush and pen, to his handiwork with a hammer and chisel, Michelangelo will be remembered throughout history for his amazing paintings and knack for sculpting.

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