The Sinking of the Titanic BY : ISAAC, ZACHARY and DAMETRION

The Titanic, you here it and you think, The Size, The Sinking and all the peoples that lost there lives.
William Davies, [a crew member] He saw a aid in a the paper that said [ THE NEW UNSINKABLE SHIP. So he started working. He said it was a cold night and he saw the iceberg. But he didn't worry[ I bet he would take that back].
But it wasn't there fault the workers didn't put enough lifeboats on.
Lucy Winn- Norton [ First class member] She also heard the ship was unsinkable so she got on board with her husband and in the end she lost him.
Maggie donavan [steerage passenger]. Her family was poor and they could barely afford a 20 dollar tickets.
Dametrion, it was cold and the ship should of had a ice breaker and more lifeboats.
zach,It was a cold night and the ship was told to be unsinkable and it should of had a ice breaker.
isaac, It was a cold night all said it was UNSINKABLE. Also people worried if there was a crash there wasn't enough lifeboats and you know what happens next.


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