How to Score a Wrist Shot Mid Stride By Warren Brie

Getting the all important puck speed is easier than you might think. Having trouble with your mid stride wrist shot? Follow these 5 easy steps on how to take a good wrist shot mid stride.

Step 1. Get a good solid speed, the faster you are the harder the shot. Bend your knees and fully extend your legs as you push forward to get maximum speed. For the entire time you're shooting make sure your knees are always bent.

Step 2. Break stride and adjust your hand on the flex point of the stick. Remember you must have a tight firm grip on your stick when you're shooting. You can't take a shot while you're skating but when you're gliding.

Step 3. Pull back your stick, bend your knees,tighten your grip, and look where you want to shoot. When you pull your stick back try to angle your body it will make your shot much better. Remember this happens in about one to two seconds so don't worry if it seems slow.

Step 4. Push down on your stick as you push forward toward the goal this will launch the puck at your target. There's a flex on the stick which is the amount of pounds it takes to bend the stick one inch. This flex allows you to lift the puck.

Step 5. Point the blade of your stick where you want the puck to be as you shoot. By doing this allows you to aim where you want the puck to be. Be aware that it's very hard to get a puck exactly where you want it to be.

I hope these easy tips help with your wrist shot mid stride. And remember practice makes perfect. GOOD LUCK!

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