Elder-Friendly Computer Tutoring Tips LEARN @ SAPL

Create a Comfortable Environment

  • Introduce yourself and ask how they like to be addressed
  • Identify their tech competency level before beginning
  • Be patient as they make mistakes and emphasize that it's normal
  • Pay attention to body language and facial expresssions
  • Ask if they have used ATM's, microwaves, cell phones, remote controls, VCR or DVD players - that's all technology!
  • Stress the sturdiness of the equipment - they can't break it
  • Use YouTube or news sites for quick results

Present Information Clearly

  • Speak slowly, clearly, and explicitly, but don't talk down to your audience
  • Explain the process BEFORE diving in
  • Pause after delivering a segment of information
  • Avoid using the indefinite referent (this, that, it, etc.) to refer to previous information
  • Get to know what pace is most comfortable for your student
  • If you face language barriers, use a pen and paper or a text document to write things down

ACCOMMODATE Physical Challenges


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