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Writing the Vision

“And the Lord answered me, and said, Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it.”

‭‭Habakkuk‬ ‭2:2‬ ‭KJV‬‬

Greetings WOG,

My name is Lady LaDale L. Whaley, and I am the visionary for Kingdom Sisterhood Leading Ladies Society. Kingdom Sisterhood was birthed from a desire to create a network, a "sisterhood" of women I could connect with as the wife of a Man of God.

For years I prayed and asked God to send me women in my life that understood what it meant to hold this role, held the same role themselves, or knew the difficulties that came along with being a woman in ministry.

I began to pray and search the word for answers, not really sure what might be the outcome. What was it God had for me? Who would connect with me for me, not my role? Who would let me be me?

For months I could not escape Matthew 6:33. As I studied, I began to write, as I wrote, I began to see. The vision began to unfold right in front of me. I wasn't the only WOG who needed an outlet. And I certainly wasn't the only one who loved ministry but needed an outlet that allowed me to be me.

Thus the idea of Kingdom Sisterhood was born. A group of women with similar/common interest that holds a special role in the Kingdom of God. Women who love and care for the Men of God, women who serve as leaders to the people of God, and women who support and serve the leaders in ministry. All coming together, to love, encourage, inspire, empower, and share life with each other.

Kingdom Sisterhood: Leading Ladies Society

This group of women, are WOG I will seek out to unite on various occasions. A society of women, who will come together to encourage one another, support one another, enjoy life with one another, and most of all grow together in love as a "Sisterhood!" This is a group where titles are respected and upheld, however, it is not required.

I asked God how would I bring these women together, He simply told me to use the things I know, and enjoy as a woman. The things that are sometimes enjoyed with my sisters!

So I began with this page to share my thoughts and idea as an introduction. A Facebook page, and additional social media outlets to connect with WOG. A list of participants who will receive a personal invitation to join the group. Participants will be able to look forward to:

  • Social Media Interactions
  • Virtual Meetups/Chats
  • Local Meetups
  • Annual Retreat/ "Ladies Trip"
  • Get-a-way Weekends
  • Charitable Events
  • Community Service Projects

All interactions will allow the women to enjoy life together, and briefly escape their busy schedules. Ultimately giving the some... ME TIME!

Now that I have shared my vision with you, I invite you to take this journey with me as I allow God to lead me to build the Kingdom Sisterhood Leading Ladies Society.

Many Blessings,

Lady LaDale L. Whaley

The Women of Kingdom Sisterhood: Leading Ladies Society

Who are we?

The Kingdom Sisterhood: Leading Ladies Society is a group of Women of God (WOG), connected by one common interest. Our love for God, His people, and our roles as First Ladies, Prophetess, Elders, Evangelist, Apostles, Pastors, Armor Bearers, and Leading Ladies in ministry, but most of all a desire to connect with other WOG to enjoy life while working to build the kingdom of God in our areas.


Kingdom Sisterhood is not a church. Yet a community of women from various ministries, who are connected through social interactions, communications, and ministry. A connection that focuses on encouraging one another; loving one another, enjoying life, and growing together spiritually. Yet, it is also a place where they can laugh, cry, scream, yell, and experience life together. It is simply a place to be yourself as a woman in ministry.


Kingdom Sisterhood Leading Ladies Society is a network established to help Women of God across the World connect spiritually, emotionally, professionally and socially. Interactions will include local meet-ups, weekend getaways, an annual retreat, community events, charitable events, as well as revivals and special church services. All designed to help rejuvenate our mind, bodies, and souls, while helping the women to enjoy life.

Please Join ME on this journey?

What is the next step?


As we continue to step out on Faith and develop this vision, we have also begun inviting Women of God to join me on this journey. It is important that not just anyone joins, therefore we have begun reaching out to women God has connected us to. WOG that have begun to help us connect with other WOG, to strategically invite women to join us.

Who are the members? Members of the Kingdom Sisterhood are:

  • First Ladies
  • Prophetesses
  • Pastors
  • Apostles
  • Worship Leaders
  • Intercessors
  • Elders
  • Missionaries
  • Evangelists
  • Armor Bearers
  • Ministry Leaders
  • Public Figures
  • Others prepare for leadership, or needing to find their way back...

What will we do? The Kingdom Sisterhood: Leading Ladies Society is a network of women, support one another in life. We will support one another not just in ministry, but also in everyday life. It is a sisterhood that allows us to be transparent and keep our respect. It is our opportunity to let our hair down, yet still, allow God to lead us to minister one to another.


Currently, Kingdom Sisterhood is working to establish chapters in various cities. These chapters will serve as local networks, while the national Chapter will work to plan major events, services, and activities.


Each member will be asked to pay dues. Such dues will serve as the financial support for the organization. Such dues will help support the operational needs of the national and local chapter business.

Each member is asked to pay $28 monthly. To make your payment please click on the link below:

Isaiah 43:19

Our work...

Kingdom Sisterhood will connect WOG in many ways. Furthermore, each connects will strive to support, inspire, and expand the Kingdom of God through love, laughter, and life. The work of the Kingdom Sisterhood will include the following elements, with the understanding that as we grow, so will our work.

Meet n Greets

Meet and Greets will be our first gather for each chapter, and will continue on a regular basis as the ministry grows. It will allow an opportunity for the founder, Lady LaDale Whaley, to share her vision with the WOG, and establish the society in that location. As the chapters grow, the meet and greet will serve as an opportunity to welcome new members.


The Kingdom Sisterhood will host revivals in the various cities. This will allow the society to not only support and minister to one another but also minister to the people in that area as a group.

Annual Retreat

The annual retreat will be a time for the sisterhood to come together in a relaxed environment. A time to take a break from their daily ministry duties to focus on themselves and also have some fun with their "sisters". Yet understanding that at any moment, when God begins to move, we as women of God will flow with the shift. Thus allowing for moments to encourage, inspire, and motivate one another. The annual retreat is a chance for the WOG to relax, revive, and recharge.

Proverbs 16:3

Community Projects & Supporting Charities...

Not only will the Kingdom Sisterhood come together to enjoy life. We will also support local and national charities. This will allow us to support our community, as we continue to build the Kingdom of God. By supporting local and national charities we seek to participate in events, as well as volunteer, participate, and support women connect to these charities. Charities in which we will support include:

Local Food Banks

Kingdom Sisterhood will work to help feed families and those battling homelessness. Thus working with local food banks, as well as soup kitchens to provide, serve or deliver meals to those needing help.

St. Jude Children's Home

Although St. Jude's is for children, those children have mothers, who need support and encouragement. Therefore, Kingdom Sisterhood will plan times to minister to the mothers faced with the struggle of sick children and are in need of prayer, encouragement, love, and support.

Sarcoidosis Awareness

Not commonly identified or recognized, Sarcoidosis is an inflammatory disease in which granulomas, or clumps of inflammatory cells, form in various organs. Life-threatening situations in sarcoidosis are extremely rare. They may be due to the failure of vital organs--lungs, heart, kidney, liver, and brain--and usually due to irreversible fibrosis. More common in African Americans, Sarcoidosis is a disease many not some or nothing about.

The Kingdom Sisterhood will work to raise awareness and support, plan events designed to educate, encourage, and inspire women who are faced with this battle, or their loved ones who support them, and most of all love on those who have lost their battle. Each year we will honor WOG starting 2018.

2018 We Honor...

  • DeLoris Burton-Boykin - DeLoris was not only a beatific WOG and Leading Lady, but also the mother to the visionary of this great journey, Lady LaDale L Whaley. DeLoris lost her battle to Sarcoidosis at an early age of 33 years young. Thus leaving a husband and three children to carry on her legacy. Many knew her for her work in the church, but most of all for her creative work making bulletins and booklets, leading the youth, and most of all the leading the young ladies of the Hattie Jackson Guild Girls. Although her time on this earth was short, her work reflects in Lady Whaley's work.
Mrs. DeLoris Burton - Boykin

Breast Cancer Awareness

In honor of WOG who have survived, are battling, or have lost their battle against breast cancer the Kingdom Sisterhood will plan events designed to educate, encourage, and inspire women who are faced with this battle, or their loved ones who support them, and most of all love on those who have lost their battle. Each year we will honor WOG starting 2018.

As our chapters form and grow, we will continue to add honorees each year.


Lupus is often an illness overlooked. There is no physical way to often identify a woman who suffers from this disease. As with other charities, Kingdom Sisterhood will plan events designed to educate, encourage, and inspire women who are faced with this battle, or their loved ones who support them, and most of all love on those who have lost their battle. Each year we will honor WOG starting 2018.

2018 We Honor...

  • Monica L. Rosser - Monica is a WOG and devoted member of the Kingdom Sisterhood, who has a huge heart. Despite the continuous challenges she faced with this disease, she continues to press forward to support, encourage, and work to help build the Kingdom Sisterhood.
Ms Monica L. Rosser

Domestic Violence Awareness

Many women face domestic violence on a regular basis, however, they do not speak out, or stand against it for fear of their lives, the embarrassment, or even the shame. However, the Kingdom Sisterhood seeks to help these women before it's too late. Many times families and friends find out about the abuse when it's too late. However, partnering with Tymara Walker, (a survivor, victims advocate, PK, Worship Leader and Dynamic Vocalist), to raise awareness and minister to the women affected by Domestic Violence.

As with other charities, Kingdom Sisterhood will plan events designed to educate, encourage, and inspire women who are faced with this battle, or their loved ones who support them, and most of all love on those who have lost their battle.


Kingdom Sisterhood recognizes that there are many charities, and while we would love to support them all, we can only do so many at a time. However, as we grow, our support will grow as well. Our support to these charities will serve as our chance to help build the Kingdom of God.

Colossians 3:23


The Official Launch

of the Kingdom Sisterhood Leading Ladies Society

Toledo, OH Chapter Launch

Webinar Series

2019 Annual Retreat

Details coming soon...

Philippians 4:13

It's time to Live, Love, & Laugh together!

Created By
LaDale L. Whaley, M.S.


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