GlenwoodTimes #5 - June 2017

Headmaster's Message

I think we are all looking forward to the upcoming July holidays. This has been a long term and we all, especially our pupils and teachers, thoroughly deserve this break. I particularly want to encourage our parents to “force” their children to take a break from using their technological devices during the holidays. Allow them to enjoy all the other activities that our area has to offer – I think that any activity that takes them away from all forms of screens will do them an immense amount of good.

Please note that the school premises will be out of bounds for all pupils during the school holidays, as there will be a lot of repairs and maintenance taking place during this time, and we can, therefore, not guarantee the safety of unauthorised individuals on the school premises. This restriction obviously does not apply to our aftercare.

The mini-Astro, cricket facilities, the gym, tennis courts and swimming pool are strictly out of bounds at all times unless the necessary permissions to use these facilities have been obtained. There must always be an authorised teacher or coach present when these facilities are in use.

Thank you for a great term and I wish you a wonderful holiday!!

Matric farewell fundraising

The Matric Dance Committee ran two raffle competitions as part of their fundraising drive. Leon Nepgen from Gram-O’-Gold sponsored two pairs of diamond and gold stud earrings (valued at R9000 and R4500 respectively) for first and second prize, as well as a pair (value R4500)for the Grade 11 who sold the most tickets. We are extremely grateful to him for also sponsoring the ticket booklets.

The first prize went to Winsom Less, whose grandson, Keighan Bradfield, collected the prize on her behalf. The second prize was won by Tracey Powell. Rick Marriott-Dodington, who sold her the ticket, collected the earrings on her behalf.

The fortunate Grade 11 who sold the most tickets was June de Wit.

The grocery trolley, valued at R1600 was won by Brett Wiehahn. Our grateful thanks go to all the parents who donated items for the trolley,

Many Grade 11 students worked tirelessly to sell tickets and a total of R35 500 was raised.

Fire department visits little glens

The Leopard class practicing the "drop and roll" moves.

father's day at Little Glens


Tour of family pick 'n pay

Tamzin Kelly, Pano Stergianos, Nickson Mumo, Sandra Spies and Mirka Bekker, from the Hippo class, ready and waiting to begin their tour. The Hippo class decorating delicious cupcakes during their outing.

Learning to care for patients

Dr van Staden show grade 0 how to care for patients.

Grade 0 "open wide"

Darryl de Necker with Emily Lewis and Grace Edwards, as they bravely have a check-up.

When Nature calls, the Grade 2J class go zip lining

The Grade 2J class at Glenwood House recently paid a visit to Acrobranch WildWoods at Timberlake. The children spent the morning moving between the trees on the obstacle course under the watchful eyes of their guides, Olla and Duncan. A screech of sheer delight could be heard every now and then as they flew through the air on the zip line. It was a class outing enjoyed by all.

Grade 3c burger bust

On Monday 22 May, Michael and the Spur Mascots from Spur Timber Wolf surprised Grade 3 C with a “Burger Bust”. Grade 3 C returned the most ‘Myschool’ forms and each learner received a delicious Spur burger, chips and a voucher. What a fun, eventful day! Thank you, Mrs Bird, for organising this event and to Spur for this treat!

a parent's guide to team selection

“I remember the first time my son was not selected for a team. I was truly devastated and very disappointed. Going over what the possible reasons for this could be, made me more frustrated and dissatisfied. Until it occurred to me. Who was more unhappy with this, my son or me?” These are often the thoughts that we as parents have to deal with when it comes to a team selection process.

Team selection is not an exact science. There are more variables in the mix than most people care to ever think about. What is decided today is dashed by the ever-present human element the very next day.

There are a few non-negotiables:

  • We play to win.
  • We do not play to win at all costs.
  • The best team must be on the field.
  • Every child who pitches for practice must be given a fair chance to make the team.
  • The values of sportsmanship and integrity have to be nurtured.

Any seasoned coach will, when selecting a team, consider a number of components that make up the game, like: positioning, tackling, dribbling, passing and anticipation of the game regarding the player’s role as defender and attacker. Coaches also look for consistency by every player in all these areas.

Then, selection is done on a positive basis. That is, selecting who has these qualities, or the most of these qualities, first. Working their way through positional selection until every position is filled.

Then follows the selection of reserves. A question that coaches keep asking, regarding reserves or players on the bench during a match is - Who, on the field, can be replaced with this player? Should the coach believe a reserve would be able to perform better than a player on the field at a given point, they will replace this player.

Every coach has their own match strategy or game plan. Some coaches approach a match from a defensive point of view, others play an attacking game. Naturally, the team selected will be reflected in the game plan desired. It is every coach’s duty to balance this aspect in favour of the team’s performance.

Team selection is dynamic. Players gain form and lose form during a season. It is the responsibility of the coach to ensure that the best players on the day are on the pitch.

This aspect of coaching is also why the coach needs to select. They see all the elements that present themselves in all the practices. Children are human and very few athletes are the same today and every day. A player can easily shine in a single match, but fade when critiqued on consistency.

We as parents can easily voice our opinion based on passion. We are a community of parents who love our children deeply but, unfortunately, this passion can cloud our ability to make unbiased selection decisions and negatively influences our proficiency to select.

Storming up to a coach and voicing your opinion does not in any way serve the best interests of the team. It is important to note that the main reason you have this opinion of this player is because it is YOUR child!

Spare a thought for the child whomyou intend to displace from the team. Are you truly convinced that they do not deserve to be in your child’s place?

Allow yourself time to digest your feelings on team selection. The 24 hour rule works wonders. Then, put your thoughts to words and what your recommendations would be. You may be doing the coach a favour in highlighting an area previously overlooked. Now you are constructively contributing to your child’s success.

The competitive arena of sports brings out our best and, unfortunately at times, our worst. Encourage your child to be a team player, to work hard, to strive for excellence. Then, their hopes will be turned into reality.


South African Junior Chess Championships

Gerrit le Roux, a Grade 8 pupil, was included in the U16 Eden Chess team and competed in the Western Cape Chess Championship held in Cape Town recently. He is currently ranked 4th in the Eden district with Kyle Pillay, a Grade 9 pupil, ranked 7th. They are both included in the team that will attend the South African Junior Chess Championships in Johannesburg. It is a tremendous achievement, requiring perseverance, because they had to play numerous games of at least 8 hours long on many Saturdays.

Well done to these two champions – your school is proud of you!

Preparatory Oakhill Derby Day

The much anticipated Oakhill Derby day took place on Friday, 19 May. We travelled to Oakhill for the hockey with most of our teams. The results of this day show that our little ones got the better of their opposition but it seems our senior teams could not beat Oakhill. A special mention must be made of a delightful hat-trick scored by Jessica Whitehead, a lively U8 hockey player with a bright future!

Here are the hockey results: U8 Girls won 3-1; U8 B Boys lost 0-4; U8 A Boys lost 1-2; U9 Girls won 3-0; U9 B Boys won 5-0; U9 A Boys won 15-0; U10 Girls won 4-3; U10 B Boys lost 1-2; U10 A Boys drew 2-2; U11 Girls won 4-3; U11 Boys won 2-1; U13 B Girls drew 0-0; U13 A Girls lost 0-1; U13 C Boys drew 0-0; U13 B Boys lost 1-2; U13 A Boys lost 1-5.

On Saturday, we played the rugby and netball fixtures at home. The dramatic scene set by the morning mist inspired our teams to perform very well. The results were:

Rugby: U9 won 30-0; U11 won 27-0; U13 won 24-7

Netball: U11 B won 11- 0; U11 A won 12-4; U13 B lost 7-10; U13 A lost 10-19

Oakhill managed to snatch the victory of the chess matches from us by a narrow margin of 6-5. Well done to all our young players who gave a great account of their abilities.

u13a hockey vs Worcester Noord

Our U13 A boys have very good reason for their bright smiles! They experienced a tough season this far, with most of their matches ending in a draw or an ugly loss. On Saturday they turned the tables on Worcester Noord. After trailing 2-1 at half-time, they dug deep into their skills reserves and beat their opponents 4- 2! Well done, boys -this is what winning feels like!

Eden U13 B hockey side selection

Aidan van Eeden is delighted with his inclusion in the Eden U13 B hockey side. He certainly justified this selection, considering that he scored a goal in each of his last 4 matches! Keep up this hot streak, Aidan!

rugby vs conville primary

Tristan Scholtz bears the scars of battle. This is what it takes if you want to score 2 tries in a very tough rugby match! Tristan helped his team narrowly overcome the efforts of Conville Primary to beat them 20-19.


Sean Vonk was selected to sail as part of Western Cape Team in Qingdao, China next term. They’ll be sailing at the venue used for the Beijing Olympics. What a great opportunity! Well done, Sean!


Naledi Manyube played in the George Women’s tennis final. She narrowly lost 7- 5, 7-5 to Chane Gricius. With them on this photograph is their coach, Tielman Meyer.

college sport report

We had some remarkable achievements on the sport fields thus far in 2017 and would like to congratulate each and every one. Good luck to those representing their province during the June/July holiday and travel safe. Some of these students will also represent SA during this year and we wish them well in the preparation for the upcoming events. Please keep us informed and up to date with participation and results. Thanks to all the parents for their input and support. We share your pride and believe your children will have a blessed inter-provincial tournament.

Sporting achievements:

Bowls: Gillian Young (Eden U20)

Golf: Bradley de Beer, Alex van Wyk (SA)

Water Polo: Ulricke Jansen van Vuuren (SA U16 nominated)

Karate: Amy de Paiva (SWD)

Biathlon: Hannah Murray (SWD U13A), Jenna Borret (SWD U15A), Joel Jacobs (SWD U15B), James Bellew (SWD U15C), Hendrik Visser (SWD U17 A)

Angling: Michael Bächle (SWD, SA), Jonathan Wiehahn, (SWD U16, Captain SA U16), Luke Gauché (SWD / SA U21), Bradley Wiehahn, (SWD / SA U 21), Bradley Wiehahn, (EC / SA U18)

Biathle: Samantha Bellew ( SWD), James Bellew (SWD), Marcus Kleynhans (SWD), Jenna Borret (SWD)

Hendrik Visser (SWD), Samantha Barbour (SWD)

Swimming: George Marais (Level 3), Mieke v Eeden (Level 2), Hannah Murray (Level 3)

Chess: Kyle Pillay (SWD), Gerrit le Roux (SWD), Natalia Gaca (SWD), Kiandra Pillay (SWD)

Life Saving: Berenice Chabanel (SWD / WP)

Laser Run: Hendrik Visser (SWD U17), Marcus Kleynhans (SWD U15)

Surfing: Meyr Koen (Eden)

Athletics: Luke Gauché (Long Jump U19, WC; SA Silver), Carla du Plessis (High Jump WC)

Kick Boxing: Amy de Paiva (SWD; SA Champ)

Hockey Boys: Arnaud du Plessis (SWD U14A), Daniel de Necker (SWD U14B), Kieran Bakker (SWD U14B), Callie Swanevelder (SWD U16A), Scott Blackwell (SWD U16 A), Juané Impondu (SWD U16 A), Aiden Bradfield (SWD U16 B), Matthew le Roux (SWD U16B), Shaun Wagner (SWD U18A), Daniel le Roux (SWD U18A), Keighan Bradfield (SWD U18A), Raynard Stammer (SWD U18A), Matt Barrett (SWD U18A), Kade Luckhoff(SWD U18B)

Hockey Girls: Kirsten Barbour (SWD U16A), Gisele Swart (SWD U16B), Kiova Pyper (SWD U16B), Kristine Claassens (SWD U16B), Ghislaine le Grange (SWD U16B), Samantha Barbour (SWD U18A, Captain)

Netball: Kirsten Barbour (SWD U16)

Equestrian: Emma Pretorius (SWD), June de Wit (SWD), Jessica Goosen (SWD), Gizela Spies (SWD)

Cycling: Luke van Niekerk (Eden U15)

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