As I sat on the schoolyard steps, I ate my crisps. Plain kale crisps, a favorite of my mothers. I was absolutely knackered. Last night the Fuzz had been outside of my house. Apparently some American lad was caught stealing from the apex of Britain. The queen herself, obviously he didn't know who he was dealing with.

I pondered about when I would board the greatest ship of all time. The floating city. The R.M.S Titanic. I earwigged mother and father 2 fortnights ago. It sounded like they were having a bit of an argy-bargy.

"How will we ever have enough money to pay for our ticket." mother said worryingly.

"We already have about 30 quid, Beatrice." said father.

"Well, where did you come up with that." mother asked wanting to know if she should've asked that question.

"If you think I stole it, I didn't. I've been working for Thomas Andrews for the past fortnight." said father proudly.

"Oh Bartholomew. Katherine will be so gobsmacked!" mother said enthusiastically.

There was a group of kids coming down the steps. They were all talking about their plans for the weekend.

"So what are you all doing for the weekend." said a blond-headed girl.

"I'm going to Adventure Wonderland!" said a brunette.

"I'm going on the maiden voyage on the R.M.S Titanic!" says a wealthy nob proudly.

"Lucky! When do you leave?" the girls roared loudly.

"April 6, 1912. Tomorrow!" she said proudly.

I wonder when mother and father were going to tell me about this. I haven't even packed. I went to our flat desperate to see if they were going to tell me. To get home quicker I went through my short cut. It wasn't really a shortcut but I liked to call it that because it made me seem more mysterious. I got home via the biking path. When I arrived at our flat I called out to mother and father.

"Mother, father?" I called out.

I heard some rustling of bags and clothes upstairs. I peered in the doorway and found mother and father packing their bags.

"Oh Katherine. How nice it is that you are home! We have to tell you something!" mother said excitedly.

"We will be boarding the R.M.S Titanic!" said father.

"I already knew--" I said.

"Tomorrow!" father interrupted.

"Not to queer someone's pitch, but I haven't even packed!" I said worried.

"Well then, you better get to packing! I'll help!" mother said thrilled.

I promised mother I wouldn't wag off while I packed. Well that's tosh, I'm boarding the Titanic in less than 24 hours! How could I not? I had packed all of my clothes. I walked to my wallet hoping to see at least 1 quid. As I looked over the brim I realized, I'm absolutely skint!

"Mother did you perhaps take a quid from me?" I said confused.

"No. You had 3 quid when I put your allowance in their yesterday." mother replied.

"Mother, it's gone!" I said astonished.

When I realized what had happened I turned around and headed for the door. I remembered seeing something on the telly. I couldn't use the telly at our house because I wasn't allowed to be looking at this sort of stuff. I went to my friend Caroline's flat.

"Ghastly theft in South Hampton!"

That was the headline for the night. Except it wasn't that 'ole American lad. This time it was no more than what everyone thought was a Joe Bloggs. Unfortunately, he wasn't an ordinary man. He was a lag! The same lag that stole my quid! I needed to tell someone before it was too late. The thought of a thief in our flat made me want to honk.

It was the next morning and I still hadn't told anyone. We would be boarding the Titanic in one hour. I needed to do something! With all my marbles I decided to o something. Something big!

Schoolyard: outside part of school (courtyard)

Crisps- chips

Knackered: tired/ exhausted

The Fuzz: police

Lad: boy

Earwig: eavesdrop

Fortnight: 2 weeks

Argy-Bargy: argument

Gobsmacked- surprised

Nob- rich snob who has a high status

Queer someone's pitch: spoil someone's efforts

Wag off: waste time

Tosh: nonsense

Skint: broke/ no money

Joe Bloggs: average, ordinary man

Lag: convict

Telly: television

Flat: apartment

Honk: throw up

Marbles: knowledge/ intelligence


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