The November Uprising By: patrick pirszel

This is the French Revolution. A revolution is the same thing as an uprising except for the fact that a revolution has Political, Economic, and Social change.
This is the November uprising, it was not a revolution because throughout the time it went on, nothing changed Politically, Economically, and Socially which are the characteristics of a Revolution.

During the November Uprising nothing changed Politically, however an effort was made by Poland to take over the Russian leader Ivan Paskevich. Their was some local success at first, however the powerful Russian army soon crushed the Polish forces with ease.

The November uprising did not change anything economically either. However even though the economy was not changed in this uprising it gave Poland different ideas of how to change the economy. Because after many failed revolts Poland finally decided to change the nation through education, economic development, and modernization.

Finally Poland was unable to change the country socially in the November uprising as well. Similar to the economic part of the uprising Poland's failed revolts allowed it to open it's mind and think of other ways to change socially. For example the formation of socialist parties by the lower classes.However it was very hard because Grand Duke Constantine abolished many Polish rights and had no respect for the Polish constitution.


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