Scientific Research Jay Swider, Class 3, May 18, Genus: Simia

In these pictures there are the 8 Characteristics of life. There is 1: Cellular organization 2: Reproduction 3: Metabolism 4: Homeostasis 5: heredity 6: Respond to Stimuli 7: Growth and Development 8: Adapt through evolution.


The process of a species creating an offspring

Currently Monkeys take about 4-5 years to mature. When an animal changes to adapt to the environment. The females are attracted to the leader of the group, this is usually the biggest and the strongest monkey. The leader is the one who breeds in the group.


Currently monkeys live all around the world. They live in trees, Savannas, and even land. You can also find them in a zoo. They move around a lot but like to stay in their home region.


When a species grows and learns more each generation

Currently monkeys are still evolving. They could be evolving into another species of man or they could be evolving into something new. We don't know there are so many different possibilities.

Growth and development

Growth and development is when an organism matures physically and mentally.

Currently monkeys grow and develop a great amount compared to other animals. There not as smart as humans but they remain as one of the most developed animals. There are so many different species of monkeys. There is currently 260 different types of monkeys that have grown and developed around the world.

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