A guide for parents to keep their children safe amanda summers

Child Safety

Why is child safety important? A lot of kids in the 21st century are now experiencing technology at a young age. Some kids are drawn to their phones too much that they won't even go outside anymore. Back when I was a kid, I wanted to go outside as much as I could. Knowing kids these days are so connected to the online world is pretty sad. Today I will be talking about child safety and how hard it can be to control your child.

Kids with cellphones

All over America and in some countries kids have phones. 22% of children have a phone (6-9). 60% of tweens have a cellphone (10-14). 84% of teens have cell phones (15-18). Seeing 22% of kids under 10 years old and not experiencing the great outdoors.

Some ways of keeping your kids away from the screen is taking the device away. Kids will probably argue about that but you have to get your point across for them to understand. There are ways of keeping your kids from taking it back. There are a lot of phone safes where you put the device in a safe and put a timer and then it will open up when the timer is done.

Reasons for them to take a break from their device

There are some many reasons to keep a kid from their phone. Some of the reasons is if they get cyber-bullied. Checking your kids phone or device every once in a while is so they don't do anything they are not supposed to do or if they are getting cyber-bullied you can make sure it stops before something bad happens. Because a lot of things can happen if you don't.


Some of my experiences is when I was in a big group chat on Instagram. People were making fun of this certain girl and laughing about it. I didn't think it was funny at all so I told them to knock it off. Then, after I said that, every girl started talking bad about me and that I should of kept my mouth shut. I took a long break from Instagram after that happened.

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