Aviation ABS Managing Agent Group: 2019 Year In Review Phoenix American Financial Services

In 2019, Phoenix concluded managing agent contracts with Stratos Aircraft Management for the JOL Air Limited ABS, Merx Aviation for the MAPS 2019-1 ABS, BOC Aviation, Ireland for the Silver 2019-1 ABS, Carlyle Aviation Partners for the AASET 2019-1 ABS and Dubai Aerospace Enterprise for the Falcon 2019-1 ABS. With these additions, Phoenix now services entities with over 1,400 aircraft and engines having a combined initial appraised value exceeding $35 billion at original issuance.

Phoenix attributes its dominance of the aircraft ABS managing agent space to an uncompromising insistence on excellence in every aspect of its service offering. The Company employs Oracle Financials for its general ledger accounting, adheres to robust processes, procedures and controls, as evidenced by obtaining a clean opinion for its ISAE 3402, Type I audit for PAFS Ireland, and cultivates a long-tenured work force to maintain deep levels of operational experience. “ABS issuers give careful consideration to the managing agent for their securitizations,” said Joseph Horgan, Senior Vice President at Phoenix. “Top tier technology, time tested experience and responsive service are what issuers look for in a managing agent and that’s what we deliver at Phoenix.”

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