Hello ! employers You are going know a lot about me.

about me

Me in details

My full name is Pitchaya Malakul or you can call me like others does which is Garfield (or Field). I graduated from Wimol business administration college in factually of Computer Business. I decided to study English major because I have learned that in the future most software will be extremely easy to use (in term of computer geek we called it friendly for user) so that means no one would hire me for creating website or even writing a program. Because of that, i decided to learn English because with these computer skills combine with the most used language (English) I might be able to work anywhere

Beside was my mom (I got 3.85 GPA at the end also got the silver medal)

My skill which I hope you might interested.

I can use Microsoft Office effectively, I can do some video editing, I can talk in English and I like to help others.

These are some of my works

"There are 2 side of me because flexible is a key to survive" - Field

This business side

This is the mode where i seriously work. Most of works required lots of practice, advisers and long term plan.

English fast reading contest.
When i was the member of Thai culture club.
This year Nopparat Tongkham contest.
Meeting with other universities about Thailand Political
At the end of "Future Leader" camp.
I didn't know how to make it yet still be able to help my teammates

The tryout(er) side

This is where most of my works required lots of social skill. I usually try to do every things by myself. The result usually not great, yet I rarely give up.

First year students ceremony.
Working as a mascot.
DPU Open house.
I can even play Klong Yaw.
Working with Next Station.
Another first year student ceremony

My hobbies

I usually play games, read books and surfing the internet. Game is one of my favorite hobbies. I even love to play board games which is a type of game that really enjoyable and also great for being a learning tools.

This is a board game called "Dixit" It is a game about imagination.
Some of my books

I would be very happy to work in your company. If you feel interested in me. You can contact me by my phone number which is 083-429-0210. I will do my best if I have a chance to work with you.


Pitchaya Malakul

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