Journey Log Ten Madison fitzgibbon - madisonfitz11 - section 41 - warrior

Habits of mind used: Flexibility and Openness

Since this is my last journey log, I figured I would put a picture of a beach to remind that summer is nearby and the end is near. It has been a very long and strenuous semester, but it will all be worth it once its over. I just recently presented my final raid and I think it was pretty decent for my level of Minecraft skills. In these next two weeks, finals will be coming up (thankfully I don't have one in this class). The amount of studying I need to do is immense so I will definitely be demonstrating flexibility in the next two weeks. I hope that I can balance everything and receive good grades.

The image above is an example of balancing and showing flexibility in life. Not only do I have to manage school work, but my personal life as well. This semester has taught me numerous time management skills and that napping is not always the best thing. I personally love taking naps and will sleep at almost every chance I can get, but I am proud of myself for significantly cutting down on naps these past few months. English specifically has helped me in a couple of ways as well. For one, I used to be very closed minded towards video games and anything of that nature but this class has definitely helped me be more open towards that genre of things. It has also taught me that I need to be less judgmental in general and be more open to new things. Just because I haven't tried it, does not mean it is bad.

Last time in English, we got to play the game of Things which I was a little reluctant about at first (being close minded), but it actually turned out to be really interesting. The first round I put such a boring and generic answer, unsure of what others were going to write. After hearing a few of the answers the first round I knew it was definitely fine for me to say actually funny things. I did not offend anyone in doing so, but still managed to give funny responses. It was interesting when someone's answer would get picked and it would be the person you least expected. I personally believed that all of my answers for each card were the best, but I know that each person has a different opinion and different views on things. I had to be aware of who my audience was and go from there, which helped me practice my rhetorical skills.

Right when I thought I would never have to play Minecraft ever again, I was wrong. The entire raid six is about Minecraft and it completely slipped my mind until Thursday. It seems as if almost everyone has signed up for a Minecraft related thing to do, but since I have little to no knowledge of Minecraft I have no idea what to choose. I am almost positive that all of the simple ones are taken so I am basically screwed. I will have to whip out my wireless mouse one last time before the end of the semester and try to hold back the tears as I hear that awful music playing in the background of the game. I cannot wait for this project to be over and for everything related to Minecraft be done and over with forever. Sorry not sorry. I will also not miss these journey logs. Having to write six hundred words for each one is dreadful and nearly impossible and I cannot stand another minute of it. I know that there is a journey log reflection due next week or the week after so hopefully that isn't too awful.

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