Canbury School Newsletter 15th May 2020. issue 204

Dear Parents, Students and Staff

Are you sitting comfortably, because this is another bumper edition of the Newsletter.

You will know by now of the plans afoot to re-open Canbury in some form or other on 1st June. I have today written to you all and sent a questionnaire home to gauge the general feeling of everyone. As we all know this a fast and ever-changing situation and so we have to keep being flexible and adaptable. You have all shown you've got the adaptability hang of things, and indeed the flexibility. We all just need to keep on keeping on. Let's see what responses come in and I will of course keep you up-dated.

What I will say is this - Canbury will not be the usual Canbury we all left and it will be quite some time before we get back to things being very much as they were. This is why the audio recordings I have asked you to make are so vital - we want prospective new members to have a feel for what Canbury is and all it stands for. Our exciting new video will hopefully achieve that - but we need your help. Please do send your audio recordings to reception and we will share our video with you shortly. I'm actually very excited about it!

I was also genuinely excited and blown away by the calibre of the those applying to be head boy, head girl, sports and other prefects at our on-line assembly today. Each one was absolutely fantastic, and I do not say that lightly. When I think of how many of our students first arrive at Canbury, unsure of themselves, very quiet and nervous about everything it makes me fit to burst with pride when I look at them now. You were all a credit to yourselves today and I was proud of ALL of you.

We will bring you results of the voting, taking place now, next week.

In the meantime, stay safe, stay well and have lots of rest and relaxation this weekend. You'll certainly need it after reading this little lot!

Kind regards

Ms Clancy



Students of the week

Year 7

Well done to you all for your fabulous work telling the time in Spanish with a special mention to Angus for making excellent progress.

Ollie and Jessica for the excellent level of interest shown in their History work on medieval life.

Well done Chloe, Thomas and Layla for working together really well in speech and language therapy - interpreting non-verbal communication.

Ollie, Evia, Freddie, Thomas and Angus for their hard work in Mathematics.

Year 8

Great work from the class asking for and giving directions in Spanish.

ALL of you for acting very sensibly and maturely with the remote learning.

Anders for being very helpful.

Ross working hard on new vocabulary.

Zac and Anders especially for some very thoughtful work on inferring meaning from particular vocabulary choices in English.

Adam for fantastically sustained work in English all week.

Flora for her achievements in English comprehension.

Zac, Adam and Ross have done some super work on Oliver Cromwell in History.

Adam, Zac, Connor, Flora, Ross, Carl and Anders for their patience and respect of others in Mathematics this week.

Year 9

We had another wonderfully interactive lesson in the Spanish souvenir shop. Thank you for your enthusiasm.

Excellent work on the Treaty of Versailles by Otti.

Year 10

Rhian for striving to improve her work after feedback had been given in Photography.

Louis for his interesting shadow homework photographs.

Well done Seb, Harry and Armani for preparing your Spanish GCSE conversation questions so thoughtfully.

Max and Louis have been producing some very good work on the Cold War and who was to blame for causing it.

Seb for consistently excellent assignments in BTEC Sport and Travel & Tourism.

Rhian for her determination to succeed at using Pythagoras’ Theorem to solve problems.

Max for his hard work using Pythagoras’ Theorem in three dimensional problems.

Year 11

Matt for his impeccable punctuality - he’s always first to registration.

Caitlin for effort in speech and language therapy sessions. She can ask excellent, specific questions about another person’s news and corrects herself when working on new speech sounds - well done!

Excellent Spanish phrase books being produced by Matt, Emily and Alex.

Caitlin for her efforts in Photography this week.

Emily for her very thoughtful responses in English.

Year 11 historians have continued to impress with their level of commitment.

Year 12

Well done Luca for good work in A Level History on the rise of Hitler.

Staff star of the week

This new spot in the Newsletter is already proving a popular one. This week SALT supremo Ms Jones has been busy busy busy. As well as conducting all her sessions remotely she has been volunteering for the Wimbledon Guild. This has involved shopping twice weekly for two local residents who are self-isolating. In between trips she washes her plastic bags to minimise any chance of cross infection.

Pastic bags, nursing fair bears and a bunch of angry birds - how does Ms Jones find the time to work?!

In addition, should she fall ill herself, her fair bears, currently keeping a look out on her street in their smart new uniforms (made by Ms Jones) would be on hand to help her. Their biggest problem may be wrestling her mobile phone from her. It would appear she's reached the giddy heights of level 2123 in Angry Birds Blast. It seems our intrepid heroine has all bases covered.

VE Day round-up

The Canbury family marked VE Day in a variety of ways last week. Anders made bunting, Matthew A and his family shared this beautiful picture of his Grandmother Susan was who celebrating her first birthday on VE Day (and who very naughtily playing with the candle on her cake). Mrs Branney spotted this "interesting" scene on her travels and did some baking and Mrs Bate got a surprise visit from HRH The Queen, who dropped by to wave at the neighbours!

It's QUIZ time - who will you dress up as?

Your starter for one point......

Hi everyone,

We hope that you are all well. Due to the fact that we have discovered we might not be able to go back to school for a lot of our upcoming events, we have decided to bring it to you at home.

Next Friday 22 May at 7pm, we are holding a virtual quiz. We would like to invite you and all of your immediate family to come online and join us doing our quiz. As an extra add-on we are very strongly encouraging people to dress up as their favourite book characters - the wackier the better! We really hope that you will join us as we are very much looking forward to having a lot of fun with you all. Just as a quick add on, we really encourage making a small donation to our school charity ‘The National Autistic Society’ on the evening.

Thank you very much to Felix for really pushing to have a quiz and for creating a lot of the questions already! If you are interested in joining us please email reception with your team name and the email address you wish to receive the video call link to by next Friday 12pm.

We look forward to seeing you next Friday,

The charity prefect team, Otti, Zac and Mrs Rich.

Keeping fit was never so varied!

You can almost visualise Mr Barnes smiling as he writes a little round-up of the sporting activiities taking place within PE sessions but not the confines of the Canbury school setting. He's going to struggle to keep some of you challenged when he gets you all back!

"As lockdown continues, so does Canbury’s dedication to remaining fit and healthy. There were two more 15k+ bike rides for Otti this week, Alannah had a training session on her exercise ball, Peter skateboarded and played football, Seb kept his skills sharp with backyard football drills and Harry B and Aansh braved the headwinds for a cycle on Wednesday afternoon. Keep up the good work everyone, there could be some late entries for the Tokyo 2021 Olympics if this continues!

Top tips and reflections - check this out: Get creative, make a scrapbook. Mrs Bowen.

Talking of keeping fit - who's up for the House wall sit challenge?!

How will YOU press the pause button this weekend? Whether going on a walk like Anders with his sister, or stroking your dog like Seb - sometimes it's the really simple pleasures which are the best.

Top tips and reflections - Did you notice any helpful thoughts you would like to share? I felt more positive and happy to learn. Jack.

A poetic gift from Canbury Poet Lauren(ate)

This is a poem that I wrote to share the difficulties of isolation and I hope this helps you to understand that you are not alone and we are all struggling, but we have to keep our heads up and move forward!

Lauren, Year 9.


It’s horrible having to be stuck in quarantine,

Having to deal with change, because of COVID 19

We have all had to learn to adapt, from the very start,

Not being able to see your friends, staying two meters apart.

Everything is closed, all the streets are empty

The shops are busy, but with no food, help me

You don't know when this is all going to end

Walk out your house, go see your best friend

Attractions are closed, you can’t have as much fun

You’re confined in a space, you have nowhere to run

Anxiety builds up, you have no one to talk to,

Except your family but they can’t always help you.

I know it has been rough, having to stay in isolation,

I hate the feeling of claustrophobia, the feeling of frustration

But I know we all have to play our part, stay in quarantine,

We have to save the nation because of COVID 19

I miss all my family, friends and relatives,

Being stuck at home, there are so many negatives

But during this time I just think to myself

We have to stay home, to save the nation's health.

Top tips and reflections - Did you notice any helpful thoughts you would like to share? Have a routine, get out in the fresh air everyday. - even twice now the restrictions are slightly changed. Mrs Jo Davies.

Don't say lockdown is an excuse to laze around - see you there!

Top tips and reflections - I looked after myself by: Going to bed early and getting rest. Ain.

Inaugral Canbury Citchen Chicken Curry Club (we know that's not how you spell kitchen!)

Last Thursday 7th May, Canbury held its first ever cooking lesson from our kitchens! The cooks were Evia and Olivia in Yr 7, Matthew and Lauren Year 9, and Aansh Year 10. The dish? Ms Clancy's internationally famous Chicken and Tomato, tomato-less curry! We had a great time, prepping our ingredients, cooking and chatting away - some mums and dads joined us too!

Tah dah! Curry a la Clancy on the left, with Matthew's simmering away nicely on the right.

Next lesson is on Thursday 21st May 2- 3pm and we shall be cooking Sweet and Sour Chicken.

Recipe ingredients:

500gm diced chicken or vegetarian substitute

1 large onion - diced

1 can of tinned chopped tomatoes

2 tablespoons of:

Worchester sauce

Soy sauce


Granulated sugar or sweetener equivalent

Side dish ingredients:

Carrots cut into batons - (I buy them pre-cut)

Broccoli florets

Rice or jacket potato


Large wok, frying pan or saucepan for the chicken

Large saucepan for boiling water

A measuring jug (with measurements you can see on it!)

Chopping board

Sharp knife for dicing veg - BE CAREFUL!

Scissors for cutting up the chicken - SEE ABOVE

Large pyrex dish or similar


Apron and washed hands.

And just in case you think the cooking club's not for you, read the glowing testimonial here from a grateful family....."Just a quick thank you from Olivia and I for our cookery lesson. We thoroughly enjoyed it. Both of us. It was lovely to see Olivia so motivated and great to do something with her where we were on a par, this was really good for her and a great opportunity. We look forward to the next lesson - and to our curry tonight. The big decision is baked potatoes or rice??

Top tips and reflections - I looked after myself by: Going to bed early and getting rest. Ain.

Meanwhile, Angus has been cooking delicious meals for his family - bread, pizza, banana pancakes, brownies and a new addition to his repertoire, home made chips. Here he is in action.... Also, he created an Italian meal for his neighbours last weekend who were so touched they painted this picture as a thank you. How very beautiful.
Former Canbury Performing Arts teacher Miss Scott is back from her Caribbean Cruise Adventure. Should you wish to sign up for some escapism from house arrest, why not take a peek at some of her sparkling new classes?

Top tips and reflections - I looked after myself by: Eating healthily. Seb.

What did you do with all the lockdown time you gained?

Three cheers for the British Red Cross, which has launched a free and engaging online resources hub during lockdown. Young people, parents and teachers are invited to dip in and out and see what new things they could learn. Each theme explores the value of kindness. You can sign up to receive new resources when they are ready. It's hoped the scheme will encourage simple acts of kindness, build resilience, connect families and the community and cover topics such as first aid, preparedness, wellbeing and empathy.


Top tips and reflections - what can you be grateful for? To have my family at home. I am enjoying spending time with them. I am also grateful for having social media to have people to talk to. I have some amazing friends who are there for me and I am really grateful for their support through this difficult time. Lauren. 

earthly pleasures - a poem by Cate (Y11)

footsteps echo through the evening,

darkness masks my sombre face.

two years ago things were different.

two years ago isolation would’ve been easy.

but things are different now.

i whisper hello to the outlines of the daisies,

mutter something about seeing them tomorrow.

the world is so beautiful when you can only see it for half an hour a day.

Top tips and reflections - Did you notice any helpful thoughts you would like to share? Help someone else at least three times per day. Mr Barnett.



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