Kristen L. Hulshouser 2018-2019

College: Louisiana State University-Shreveport

Graduation: Fall 2018

Student Teaching: Plantation Park Elementary



I grew up in Shreveport, Louisiana. I graduated from High School in 2013 from Caddo Magnet High. I went to BPCC to get my Associates Degree and then transferred to LSUS for my Bachelor's in Education. At first, I always thought I wanted upper grades but then immediately fell in love with the elementary grades. I began student teaching at Plantation Park in First Grade in the fall of 2018. The students call me Ms. H simply because Ms. Hulshouser is tough. That will change in June because I am getting married! That long last name will finally change to something easier. My future students will know me as Mrs. Ross.


  1. Things that are important to me as a teacher
  2. Details about my student teaching/long term sub experience: 1st Grade
  3. Details about my long term sub experience: 3rd Grade
  4. Details about my long term sub experience: Kindergarten
  5. Details about my long term sub experience: 4th Grade
  6. Certifications
  7. Contact Information

Educational Philosophy

"The future of the world is in my classroom today."

  • Educators play a grander role in their communities by the way they interact in a child's life. A teacher can't just be a teacher they have to also be a role model.
  • Students learn better with hands on activities. I feel that my students will achieve and learn more if they are being interactive and having fun while learning.
  • I believe students learn best through activities in the classroom rather than a lecture. When a teacher creates games to learn different subjects the students will learn without even realizing they are.
  • I plan to meet the emotional needs of students by trying my best to connect with them on an emotional level. I want to understand each student and grow with them.
  • I believe that as long as a student applies themselves and tries then it is possible for them to learn.
  • There are many qualities of an "effective" teacher. One big quality I want to focus on in my room is ORGANIZATION. I really feel that the more organized you are in your room the more prepared you are for the day. The students start to notice when you are unorganized or unprepared. They pick up on that and then they start to talk or get antsy. Eventually all you are doing is losing precious time in the classroom meant for learning.
  • I want to enforce rules and continue to enforce the same rules throughout the year. This is SO important to students. Once they see that sometimes you enforce a rule and other times you don't they start to believe they can test you. I want to keep everything the same all year long that even when I am gone and a sub is in there the students can tell that sub what is right or wrong. The students begin gaining responsibility for actions they know are wrong even when the teacher is gone. This was HUGE in Kindergarten. The teacher was so persistent and fair with her rules that I was able to pick up on all her class rules because of the students.
  • Also, I believe it is important to encourage individual thoughts from students. It is so important for students to have their own voice in the classroom. They need to be heard as well. This helps build the students up and helps them form their own opinions which is a good tool for their future grade levels.
  • My overall goal as a teacher is for students to come out of my class feeling loved, confident, and smart.

Student Teaching

First Grade

Student Teaching: First Grade

Long Term Sub: First Grade

During my student teaching I learned a lot from my anchor teacher and I feel as though I am more prepared than ever with all that I have learned from her. I was asked by administration to become a long term substitute for 3 teachers who would be going on maternity leave. I actually started my substitute job in early December for a teacher on extended sick leave. It was for FIRST GRADE! This opportunity really let me use everything I learned from LSUS and my anchor teacher. Going into substituting in this First Grade room I had to try and fix a few behavior issues. This is when I started implementing everything I learned in my Anchor Teachers room. I feel as though I really grew as a teacher during that experience and these students also grew during my time there. I may not have fixed all behavior in that room but I grew relationships with those ones that needed a little extra love. I enjoyed every bit of being in First Grade.

Long Term Sub: First Grade

Long Term Sub

3rd Grade

3rd Grade

Once January came around I moved to 3rd Grade and remained in that grade until March 1st. That was where I learned the most about technology. I started using Nearpod for the first time and I really enjoyed that. The content was ELA & Social Studies and my favorite subject was Math. I was able to experience a content that did not interest me as much as Math did. I am so glad I ended up in the content area that I did because I was able to learn and grow during that experience. Now I don't have to say Math is my favorite just because it is the only one I was comfortable with. 3rd Grade was a huge learning experience for me and I feel as though I really grew as a teacher and I learned about what all goes into teaching that content.

Long Term Sub



I started in Kindergarten on March 1st and remained there until Mid April. I was so excited to learn even more during this new experience. Coming from First to Kindergarten I knew the content and was ready to teach! The biggest thing I learned in Kindergarten was Classroom Management. I felt as though I had already learned a lot during student teaching in First Grade but there was still so much left to learn. This Kindergarten class had so many tools that helped with classroom management and now I can't wait to implement that in my classroom. The students had many Call Backs, Book Box system that helps the day run so much smoother, Family atmosphere, and the Clip Down chart was used more for positive reinforcement and less about negative behavior.

Long Term Sub

4th Grade

4th Grade

I finished out the school year in 4th Grade Science. To be completely honest I was nervous. I was nervous because the kids were done with testing so they probably thought all the learning was done because they will have a sub the rest of the year. That was wrong, I went in knowing what was left to teach and getting that done. Going back to upper grades I got to start using more technology again and learn even more than I did in 3rd grade! Teaching Science was a different experience for me but I learned a lot about that content. I also got to experience my FIRST Field Day!



Elementary Grades 1-5 Certification

Google Certified


Teaching Certification

Google Level 1 Certification

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