cleantracks the sustainable solid toiletry line

welcome to greener self care

Cleantracks was designed by Visual Communications student, Tina Yirka for her senior project at Farmingdale State College. Cleantracks is an environmentally friendly alternative for plastic toiletry items that contains a large variety of products to have at home or when traveling.

Located at local Walgreens stores, this brand aims to eliminate landfill waste and spread green mentality, one product at a time.

the products

Cleantracks allows customers to purchase better products that come in solid form or made from natural materials like bamboo and cotton. From the materials, our products can be biodegradable, helping out the earths landfill problem. Cleantracks puts out an environmentally better product without consumers drastically having to change their routine. We believe that change begins with you and what you implement in your daily routine. Partnering with Walgreens, consumers can purchase our zero waste brand at their local drugstore.

the packaging

To support the main value of Cleantracks, the packaging must be made from an environmentally friendly material. An alternative material that the earth can benefit from is paper which is renewable. Having our products packaged in paper will keep the contents fresh and prevent them from getting moldy while being durable at the same time. This kind of packaging allows our consumers to easily transport them when on the go. When the package is done, customers can simply recycle the box or it can be biodegraded.

how do we market the brand

Cleantracks creates a brand experience through the use of trade shows. Trade shows help bring all the different aspects of the industry together for Cleantracks, from consumers to distributors, to suppliers, all in one place. By the use of trade shows, Cleantracks was able to facilitate a negotiation with Walgreens in which their products could be sold in their stores.

The best way to help attendants connect with the brand is by booth design. The booth setup will decide how customers view the company. Just like the main message for Cleantracks, the booth design conveys that as well. The booth will be set up with plants and greenery to focus on the environmental aspect. On the sides, products will be shown on wooden shelves to promote sustainability. This is how Cleantracks will be communicated at trade shows.

advertising with social media

Cleantracks will have a major presence on social media. Being active on social media platforms helps the brand communicate to all audiences and market their products. This type of advertising will be done through Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Each post that Cleantracks displays on their social media platforms will showcase products, ingredients, materials, or other ways to use the sustainable item. Cleantracks will provide a clean design for their ads to keep everything consistent.

the groups we target


These are the young individuals who want to buy greener products for themselves while doing good for the environment and eliminating the use of plastic.


These are the type of people who deal with the frustrations that come along with packing. They tend to worry about packing at the last minute, unorganized packing, and having leaks while on board.

ordinary shoppers

These are usually the types of people who want to switch to a different brand or keep up with items that are trending through social media platforms.

facing the competition

Unlike our competition, we provide a wide variety of products to our customers, from shampoo to loofahs, to cotton swabs and everything in between. Our products will be geared to both men and women, providing equal opportunity to be greener in the bathroom. We are better than our main competition because we are easily accessible to any customer. Customers can easily get to our products in a short time span, rather than waiting from purchasing it online like Acala, or traveling far like Lush. Other competition we face are brands that use recycled material for packaging, making it somewhat beneficial than just regular plastic. Unfortunately most items from the brands are liquids, making it hard to transport and travel with. Below is the competition matrix and where we lie compared to our competition.

a closer look at cleantracks

Read all about Cleantracks' story! Flip through the E-Book to get to know more about the origin and the initial designs for the brand.


Created with images by Igor Son - "rubber plant" • Tanalee Youngblood - "Backyard leaves"