The Journey of Ms.Gambs Through a Volcanic Disaster

Ms. Gambs woke up with a gasp when she heard a thump and bump. So she got up and looked out the window to see a glowing red mountain.

She went to go wake up her three brothers and her mom and dad. Gambs was so scared so she started to cry. But her dad stop her and told the whole family to go put on their shoes.

They all put their shoes and headed to the car with only the most important stuff. Gambs ask her dad where they were driving to and he said "far away from the volcano.

While they were driving gambs only saw people screaming and crowded streets people trying to get as far as possible.

They finally made it to a safe location, her grandma's house and she was so relieved to see them safe and healthy.


Created with images by skeeze - "volcano halema‘uma‘u lava lake sunset" • thedailyenglishshow - "1194 sn1" • johnsto - "blur-family2" • orphanjones - "shoe" • SigNote Cloud - "car" • Karen Roe - "The Big Egg Hunt 2013 - Covent Garden, London"

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