Tarot Tuesday With Terri

Welcome! It’s Tarot Tuesday and I’m here to teach you how to read tarot cards intuitively.

We begin with some important, but often overlooked, steps that will anchor your intuition squarely in your body for clearer, more powerful readings.


The first step is grounding. Settle in and take a moment to just breathe, relax your body and feel your feet beneath you making contact with the floor.

Now imagine there are roots growing down from your pelvis into your root chakra, traveling down your legs and coming out the bottom of your feet. Feel yourself anchored deep in the earth, like a strong oak tree.


The second step is centering. Bring all of your attention and awareness to your solar plexus or your heart space, whichever feels more natural to you. If thoughts come into your mind, just let them drift away. All of your awareness is softly focused on the present moment, within your body, noticing only the now.

This present moment awareness is centering. It brings all your attention to your internal center and will allow you to concentrate your energy awareness in a focused way. This makes for clearer intuitive readings.

The final step is to imagine you are a hollow reed. Letting your ego self step to the outside of your consciousness so that your intuition and the wisdom from higher sources can flow through you.

These three simple steps can be completed in moments and can be done anywhere at anytime. Try it in line at the grocery store or when you are in a meeting at the office. The more you practice, the easier and more natural it will be.

When you do this pre-reading ritual, you will be opening yourself to your own intuitive power—power from within. When you are anchored in your power center, grounded and open like a hollow reed, you create space for messages to flow in. Messages can come from a source wiser than you, certainly wiser than your thinking brain as it tries to remember what it was you are supposed to pick up on your way home.

Crystal clear

Expert readers read tarot cards from a clear and open space. Being crystal clear allows you to see what is above and below the surface. Remember not to be distracted by everyday worries or your own prejudices and biases. If a thought crosses your mind during a reading not related to the cards or your querent, simply let it go and come back to centering. Stay open and watch what magic can happen when you ground, center, and step aside.

Thank you for tuning in to today’s tarot tip. This is Tarot Tuesday with Terri. See you next week for more tarot tips.


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