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It all started with the Oregon Territory the people of the United States of America so they made treaty with Great Britain and other nations it was called the Oregon Treaty.

The Oregon Treaty Between The U.S. and Great Britain.

It wasn't so much a rivalry it was more of Great Britain and United States coming to an agreement about the Oregon Territory it was a signed document of the two nations

Adams-Onis Treaty

The Adam-Onis Treaty was the transcontinental treaty that gave the United States access to the pacific ocean.

The Adams­Onís Treaty sometimes referred to as The Florida Treaty was signed in Washington on February 22, 1819 and ratified by Spain October 24, 1820 and entered into force February 22, 1821. It terminated April 14,1903 by a treaty of July 3, 1902. The treaty was named for John Quincy Adams of the United States and Louis de Onís of Spain and renounced any claim of the United States to Texas. It fixed the western boundary of the Louisiana Purchase as beginning at the mouth of the Sabine River and running along its south and west bank to the thirty-second parallel and thence directly north to the Río Rojo (Red River).

Mountain Men in Oregon

The first American fur trading expedition was formed by John Jacob Astor. He hoped to cross the continent overland and by sea, and create a trading post at the mouth of the Columbia River. William Price Hunt used the information supplied by the Lewis and Clark expedition to lead the overland Astorians. They reached the mouth of the Columbia in February of 1812 where the fort "Astoria" had already been erected by the seafaring group that had arrived months earlier. Leading the return overland expedition was Robert Stuart. This group would lay the groundwork for the Oregon Trail by finding the South Pass through the Rocky Mountains, a route that had eluded both the Lewis and Clark expedition and Hunt. The discovery of the South Pass was the key to a continental passage by land. The importance of Stuart's feat was recognized immediately, though the Missouri Gazette exaggerated the ease with which a crossing could be done: "By information received of these gentlemen, it appears that a journey across the continent of North America might be performed with a wagon."

What did Americans gain from the Adams-Onis Treaty
The Oregon Territory

Oregon and Manifest Destiny

The Oregon trail was the main part of why many Americans mad it to manifest destiny and too settle the the west and to see the pacific coast line with that they pushed the Indians back and potentially killed them all by making their way to the pacific coast.


Florida was controlled by the Spanish or (Spain) soon tensions rose between the United States and Spain the U.S. sent troops to the north of the panhandle invading it and finally Spain surrender and gave Florida to the United States.

Florida Teritory

Florida is the southeasternmost U.S. state, with the Atlantic on one side and the Gulf of Mexico on the other. It has hundreds of miles of beaches. The city of Miami is known for its Latin-American cultural influences and notable arts scene, as well as its nightlife, especially in upscale South Beach. Orlando is famed for theme parks, including Walt Disney World.

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