Good Life Performance Kristen hoover

The Spatial Experience

When I entered the Constans Theater in the Reitz I was surprised by how small the theater was. I anticipated the theater to be a huge auditorium filled with viewers, however I was shocked because the theater was hardly half full. I sat in the third row so I was very close to the stage. This helped to make my experience watching the play much more personal. While the actors were performing I felt engulfed in the drama of the play. Place is such an important part of life because you should remain where you are happy. And the setting that you live in should illuminate this happiness.

The Social Experience

I attended the play with two of my friends. I met them at the Reitz Union and we waited in line to be let in to the performance. Attending the play with my friends made the play more enjoyable because I had friends to share the experience with. During intermission we talked about the play and the drama that had just evoked. Sharing experiences with friends is apart of what made the play somewhat enjoyable.

The Cultural and Intellectual Experience

Prior to attending the play, I didn't know anything about the story-line. The church like setting that was displayed as the audience entered the room was intriguing and made me wonder what would ensue in this play. I found the central issue of the performance remaining true to oneself despite others expectations of you. I didn't find the issues addressed in the performance very relatable because of the different time era. Though the subject matter did not relate to me very much, it did inspire me to continue to make decisions for myself no matter what other people expect of me.

The Emotional Experience

The Divine provided an opportunity for katharsis because it illustrated to the audience what it means to be an individual. Despite the main character's mom trying to make him become a priest, he did not want to. His defiance of this lifestyle illustrates his independence which I found karthartic in the play. I believe that every person should have the ability to make their own decsions and this play was a good illustration of what I believe. Personally, that is why I found this play to be so inspiring and relieving (so-to-speak).

Pictured: Me outside of the Constans Theater after the play ended feeling relieved. Picture taken by: Kristen Hoover

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