Scatter Brain Journey Log 10


End of the semester

This week has been all over the place for me. I have been working on several English projects, studying for a math and physics exam AND trying to get ready for Finals week. We really only have 2 weeks left of the semester. That doesn't mean professors still won't try to cram in as many assignments as possible.


In the realm on English, I have been finishing Raid 5 and starting Raid 7. In regards to Raid 5, I had done most of the assignments requirements, I just needed to add a few pictures to the document and emphasize some words. Overall I didn't like the 2nd part of Raid 5. Analyzing my partners "sanctuary" was difficult, seeing as they only gave me a 1:30 long video. It's okay though, I made it work. On the other hand Raid 7 took a lot more work. It was frustrating seeing as I had no idea what iconic structure to do in Minecraft. Eventually I picked one, changed it, and found a new idea. Even though Minecraft is incredibly time consuming, I knew that a structure in Minecraft would look better than a drawing.

Habit of mind

This week really pushed me on responsibility. Responsibility is a habit of mind that deals with the ability to take ownership of one’s actions and understand the consequences of those actions for oneself and others. For Raid 5 I knew I was responsible for finishing my structure in a timely manner, for if i didn't I would push other people behind schedule. As for Raid 7, I know I am a slow worker in Minecraft, so I could not wait until the last minute to do this assignment. Once the week starts I will be focused mainly on Math, so Raid 7 had to be completed on the weekend.


Overall, I was very productive last week and weekend. I only regret not having more fun. Yes, school comes first, but so does my happiness. I was pretty much working constantly during the week and locked in my room most of the day during the weekend. That's sad, but it's okay. Assignments were accomplished, so now I'm ahead for the upcoming weekend.


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