Kilauea Volcano

Kilauea By Alyssa Batts

What is the volcano that is erupting as you read this? Kilauea!!!! Kilauea is on the island of Hawaii. It is near the crater of Halema’uma’u which is also a volcano. Kilauea is also apart of the USA. Kilauea is on the Pacific plate. It is very rocky near Kilauea and it is near a lot of grass, and a little town called Pahoa with a lot of trees and houses.

This is a little beach in Pahoa

Kilauea formed from a lot of magma deep down in the earth. Kilauea is a hotspot volcano. A hotspot volcano is one over a hotspot which is a hotter than anywhere else in the mantle. It is 4,091 feet high. Kilauea is a shield volcano which is a volcano shaped like a dome with gently sloping sides, which erupts thin and runny lava also known as Aa lava. They say that Kilauea has erupted 63 times from 1750 to 1982.


Kilauea has been erupting nonstop since 1983. Scientists don’t know when it is going to stop erupting. It is making a seamount called Lo’ihi. Kilauea has done a lot of damage. It has destroyed over 200 structures including the place where you can see the volcano. It has also destroyed a ton of houses.

Kilauea is 300,000 to 600,000 years old and it is the youngest and smallest volcano on the island. Kilauea broke the surface when it was 100,000 years old. It is the most common volcano on the island. Kilauea contains gases and chemicals like most volcanoes do.

Kilauea's name means “much spreading” or “much spewing”!!!!can see the volcano.

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Alyssa Batts


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