United States

1. In 1776 Britain's American colonies separated from the mother country to become the united states ; originally known with thirteen states . During the 19th and 20th century thirty seven states were added .

2. Population : 323,995,528

World Ranking: Worlds third largest country by size ( after Russia and Canada)

3. Economy : Has the most technologically powerful economy in the world . For GDP In 2014 the U.S stood as the largest in the world for more than a century .

GDP world ranking : Per Capita $57,300 , Ranked 18th in the world

4. Unemployment rate and world ranking:

from age 15 to 24 - 13.4%

male unemployment rate - 14.5%

Female unemployment rate -12.2%

Ranked 68th in world for unemployment

5. Main Industries

Highly diversified , world leading , high - technology innovator . Second largest industrial output in the world . for example steel , motor vehicles and consumer goods .

Growth rate of 2.1% in the world compared to other countries .

6. Government type ; Constitutional federal republic

Central government has complete sovereignty over all aspects of political life .

7. Capital ; Washington D.C

8. Administration division - has 50 states and one district

9. The U.S's independence was declared on the 4th of July 1776. On the 3rd of September it was recognized by Great Britain .

10. Constitution - Previous 1787 and latest drafted July September 1787 . It was submitted to the confederation on September 20th 1787 and last amended in 1992 .

11 .State legal system based on common law except Louisiana( which is based on Napoleonic civil code )

12. Suffrage - 18 years of age to vote

13. Executive Branch : (A) Chief of state / head of government

President Donald J. Trump (since January 20th 2017) and Vice President Michael R. Pence also since January 20th 2017

(B) Cabnit : is appointed by the president ; is approved by the senate

Cabnit Elections - President and vice indirectly elected by the electoral college of "Electors " chosen from each state . President and Vice President serve a four year term .

14. The Legislative Branch is a bicameral congress which consists of the senate and the house of representatives .

* Elections for the senate - last held on November 8th 2016 (next will be held on November 10th 2020)

* Elections for the House of Representatives - Same as above

15. The Judicial Branch : highest court - US Supreme court judge selection and term office - president nominates , along with advice from the senate

Subordinate Courts - courts of appeal


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