LiTTLE LiBRARY By savannah davanzo

Meet Charlie, Delaney, Lily, and Leo. They may be young but they're already building their own little libraries!

Why is children's literacy so important?

how can we make reading both exciting and accessible for kids and their families?

LiTTLE LiBRARY's logo, created via free graphic design software and based off an illustration.

Introducing LiTTLE LiBRARY, a monthly children's book subscription box. An LLC formed in 2016, LiTTLE LiBRARY is a gift-giving service... giving the gift of words.

Because everybody reads at a different level, sometimes out of their age range, these subscription options aren’t “set in stone”. The initial preference survey allows parents to input exactly this kind of information: what age their child is, what age range they’re reading at currently, but with an additional comment section to include if the child has been struggling with certain sentence constructions, if age 5 books are too easy for them but age 6 books are too hard, etc. Age 4 is a really tentative age where a 4 year old can’t read on their own yet, but younger books might be too young for them, so that age especially can be offered either board books or easy readers, all depending on the information parents provide.

Initial Preference Survey

The customer Comes First

At LiTTLE LiBRARY, the customer is always right. We offer a variety of customer service options to ensure that every order is filled with the love it deserves...

  • Weekly chat option with customer support 3x a week (4 PM to 7 PM EST on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays)
  • Support email (
  • Customer support phone number
  • Comprehensive FAQs listed on the website

Our Ideal Customer

We only have two stipulations when it comes to our ideal customer: you must recognize the benefits of reading and you must want to pass along those benefits to a child or children in your life whom you want to share the gift of reading with!

Love to read? Want to share that gift with a child? Good! Our recent demographic analysis shows that LiTTLE LiBRARY customers are...

  • Between the ages of 35 and 60
  • 60% females, 40% males
  • 67% are parents, 33% are relatives (mainly grandparents, then aunts and uncles, then family friends)
  • Lower to upper middle class

The average consumer (AKA your happy little reader) is...

  • 3.5 to 5 years old
  • 55% girl, 45% boy
  • 65% Easy Readers, 35% board books
  • Interested in Disney characters and animals

You should subscribe to LiTTLE LiBRARY because we...

  • Are a fairly new product, looking to advance children's literacy with fun pairings
  • Offer (and encourage!) the opportunity for family time
  • Encourage children's literacy
  • Design educational (but fun too) resources like crafts and activities for your child
  • Strive to be an affordable product that won't hurt your wallet
  • Offer the element of surprise, coupled with excited anticipation
  • Are determined to cater exactly to yours and your child's wants and needs
  • Feature a fun, colorful design and brand that isn't easy to forget!

With LiTTLE LiBRARY, you're not just getting a book. You're also getting an interactive experience with our online component.

We know that technology is ever-evolving and we can't expect our little readers to love the smell of an old book as much as we do, so we've incorporated a huge online component on our website. If you're looking for a little extra fun time with your child, check out these activities on the LiTTLE LiBRARY website...

  • Interactive Bookshelf (an online "bookshelf" featuring 5 super quick, fun stories you can actually "flip through" to read with great illustrations)
  • Coloring Pages (don't waste paper if you don't have to with our pre-designed collection of quick and easy coloring pages your child can "color" on right at the computer) (free)
  • Reading Games (similar to our interactive bookshelf, your child can pull a quick 5 page book with encouraging prompts for your child to read along at their own pace)
  • Reading Logs (mark your child's progress with their own reading or just type in which books you've already read together)
  • Book Hide & Seek (featuring 10 different scenarios, our hide and seek game has a bunch of pesky children's books hiding, so your child will need to use their super sleuthing skills to click on the books that are hiding at the library, the playground, the beach, and more) (free)

We couldn't do what we do without these brilliant minds...

  • Authors! Promoting the work of brand new writers is something important to us, so we always try to work with any children's book authors who reach out to us with the intention of getting their book out there for little minds to read.
  • Educators! We have a small team of people who create activities and design crafts that go along with each book.

A Typical day for us is...

  • Processing orders through our e-commerce, then updating our spreadsheet with any other important information that we find on each customer's profile (if they requested a different book, if their child's interests have changed, etc)
  • Updating our website to include new activities or special designs or just making it easier to navigate to work out the kinks
  • Responding to customer service inquiries
  • Maintaining product organization
  • Printing out materials
  • Packaging the product
  • Shipping out orders
  • Constantly creating a presence on social media as our main strategy for marketing

Rough Budget Based on 1 year of 10 customers

We strive to be different

  • BookRoo is the most successful children's book subscription company. Though they have built a great brand with pristine packaging, they don't include any bookish items or educational activities like we do.
  • Little Fun Club is another business that offers 3 books per package, but they don't include any other fun stuff, and they also don't have customer profiles for information at the ready like we do.

Did we mention how important children's literacy is?

In case you need more convincing, LiTTLE LiBRARY donates 10% of each sale to one of three organizations that focus on children's literacy: your choice! Choose from either Book Aid International, Reach Out and Read, or the National Center for Family Literacy once you've placed your order.

Room For growth

In the coming years, we hope to offer subscriptions not just for little kids, but for readers between the ages of 7 and 14, too. Though we love collaborating with up-and-coming authors to get them the spotlight they deserve, hopefully we'll also be able to sell "sponsored" boxes curated by big-name authors from the series your kid loves. Additional products we'd like to sell are specially designed bookmarks, kitschy book items (we're talking cute socks for your little ones and maybe a scarf too), and personalized tote bags for your trip to the library (because we don't expect you to wait around for our book every month without binging on a few library trips too!).

Find us on...

When you read, you build more than just a little library. you build confidence, creativity, passion, kindness, courage, and a whole lot of heart.


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