Science Vocabulary Genetics

Asexual Reproduction:

When Genetic material from one parent produces an offspring.


Cell structures that carry the genetic material that is copied and passed from generation to generation of cells

Dominate Trait:

A trait that is expressed or dominate when combined with another trait.

External Fertilization:

The Fertilization of eggs by sperm that occurs outside the body of the female


Process in which cells containing information from two parents combine.


A sex cell that fuses with another sex cell during fertilization, called sperm and egg cells.


A segment of DNA on a chromosome that codes for a specific trait.

Genetic Variation:

The result of the random combination of genetic material (DNA) from 2 parents.


Passing of traits from parents to offspring.

Internal Fertilization:

Fertilization of an egg by sperm that occurs inside the body of a female. (mammals)

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