Sacred Drum Making Workshop 2018 - Sun Festival

Why is sacred?

"Because we are creatinG together"

My name is Tamas Schrek. I live in Hungary, Budapest. I am creating shaman drums, frame drums and other percussion instruments for 8 years. This summer you give me an opportunity to make a drum making workshop in the Sun Festival.

The following gallery includes some of the drums that we could create together during the week. All the drums have different personalities. I would like to inspire you to use your creativity and imagination before we start working on your drum. During the workshop we will go through the major parts of shamanic drum making. Finally you will create an instrument which will perfectly mirror your inner qualities.

The stages of the workshop

First i would like you to dream about your drum. Use your dreaming. 'Wake up' in your dream, 'ask' a vision of your drum, or 'see' your drum in meditation. Focus on the shape, colors, numbers. Feel what is the fitting animals for you.

During the next stage we are going to choose the best size for you. There will be 3 sizes avalibale in the workshop; 45 cm , 50 cm, 54 cm wide. The frames are semi-prepared and we will finish them in the workshop. All the frames are made of birch wood.

The third stage is to choose your animal, to find your skin. There will be deer, goat, calf and sheep hides available. We will soak the hide in water during the night. If you prefer we can give color or batik paint the skin.

We plan and finish the handle. It can be made of raw hide, leather, antler, bone or wood. I encourage you to bring something you would like to build into the handle. Can be a stone for instance or your power object. We might go out to the forrest and collect materials for your handle. We also make a fitting drumstick to your drum.

Find a smybol which is close to your heart. If you prefer you can paint wonderful symbols on the skin. The painting and art tools will be available at the workshop or if you are an artist you can bring your own painting tools as well.

If we have time, we are going to use the rest of the skins to make rattles, assuming we have time. First we cut out the desired shape, sew them together when they are wet, filling and creating the handle. Finally you can also paint symbols on the hide.

We are not only going trough the major processes of sacred drum making but also become rich with many new experiences which bring us closer to our real self. That is a real spiritual quest.

  • In order to bring this community live i recommend to have 6-9 participants.
  • The workshop is planned for 3 days or until completition of the drum.
  • The price would be 130 EUR for the entire workshop
  • The price includes the drum skins, tanned leathers, sewing materials, decorations for drums (feathers, bones, antlers, textiles etc. in a limited quantity) , paints and pigments for coloration, glue, hand tools, carving tools and protection.
  • The number of participants are limited to 9 persons.
  • Please write me an email if you have any specific ideas, visions or dreams about the drum you would like to create. It would help me to prepare with specific tools or arrangements before the workshop.
My aim is to create a precise, long lasting and powerful instrument. Thank you for following my Instructions and Thank you for the opportunity. Blessings!

If you have any questions or you have any specific idea about your drum which needs preparation please contact me on email;


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