Middle East Religions BY: Sebastian Mikos, James Locascio


Judaism symbol (star)
mosses is the Jewish prophet
  • Judaism main prophet is mosses, Moses revived the law from god.
  • Judaism was founded in Southwest Asia
  • Judaism like Christianity and Islam has dietary restrictions
  • The holy book is the Torah, The Torah which is the first five books of the Old Testament
  • The synagogue is the Jewish place of worship
  • In individual religious congregations or synagogues, the spiritual leader is generally the rabbi.
  • Various sections of Judaism are: Rabbinic Judaism Orthodox, Ultra-Orthodox, Reconstructionist, Haymanot, Conservative, Renewal, Secularism, Karaite
  • Key holidays/celebrations of Judaism are: The Sabbath, The New Month, Fast of Genitalia, Day of Atonement, Festival of Lights


Christianity symbol the crucifix
Christianity holy book is the bible
Jesus is the prophet of Christianity


Christianity is a monotheistic religion

In Christianity the main prophet is Jesus

Christianity is an offshoot of Judaism in the first century

Christians believe that God is revealed through three dimensions: God the Father, God the Son ( Jesus Christ ), and God the Holy Spirit. Jesus is considered the son of God, born to the virgin Mary and come to Earth to offer redemption for mankind’s sins. After Jesus was crucified and executed by the Romans, he rose from the dead and ascended into heaven. Christians believe in an afterlife where those who had lived a good life reside in heaven with God, and those who have lived an unrepentant life of sin will be punished in hell.

The Bible is the holy book of Christianity and people worship in a church.

The pope is the Religious leader of christianity.

Copts, Maronites, Russian Orthodox, Greek Orthodox, Roman Catholics, Armenian Orthodox, Armenian Catholics, Assyrians, and Protestants are different sects in Christianity.

Christmas in celebrated because it is Jesus Christ’s Birthday

Easter is celebrated because of Jesus’s rescurition

Pentecost is celebrated because of the gift of the Holy Spirit.


Islam symbol
Islam prophet Muhammed
the holy book is Quran


Islam is a monotheistic religion.

Muhammad is the Islamic religion main prophet.

Islam arose in the seventh century in the settled desert community of Mecca.

Islam sees Judaism and Christianity as earlier versions of Islam, but muslims see Islam is the final, complete and correct revelation in the monotheistic tradition of the three faiths.

In Islam the Quran is their religious book.

The worship in a mosque.

Muslims practice the five pillars of Islam.

Every Muslim has equal access to god and any Muslim of good character can be the leader of prayer at a mosque.

Some sects of the Islam religion are the Sunnis, Shiis, Ismailis, Alevis/alawites, and Druze

Id al-Fitr month of fasting during daylight hours.

Id al-Adha They sacrifice animals to commemorate the prophet Abraham’s readiness to sacrifice his son on God’s command.

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