Echelon By Trinity Murphy, Declan Brading, and Kaden Snyder


Our government is monarchy and democracy mix. We have a queen and king but they don't control everything in the government.

King and Queen rule


  • Everyone will contribute the same amount of effort in the society, regardless of the job they have.
  • The community must discuss all main decisions for the community before a final decision by the king or queen in power finalizes the decision.
  • A town meeting must be held every once a week to discuss new laws and decisions.
  • You must have permission from higher authority to have more than two children.

In our community the whole community contributes to the making of the laws. Our laws are enforced by a town meeting every week.


If a citizen of the community breaks one of the rules they will be sentenced to isolation from the rest of the community. For a high law you will be sentenced to years or more. For a smaller law they will be sentenced for days or weeks.



Our school would be one united school with all grades in different sections. Such as pre-school to 5th grade in one section, 6th to 8th in a different section, and 9th to 12th in a final section.

1 hour dedicated to 1 subject only 4 subjects

  • Math
  • Language
  • Science
  • Reading

Education will serve the community by helping children to get a job when they grow up.

Schools in our community will be different because they will be shorter, and have better rules.

Family Life

Families in our community will loving, caring, and thoughtful.

Neither Matriarchal or Patriarchal

Two children to each family but if you would like another child you can apply and talk to high authority. (Queen or King)

How many children is regulated by the King and Queen because they want to make sure that there is no overpopulation.

Every family lives in the same dwelling with one another because they are a family. They need to be around one another.

Divorce is outlawed.


Our houses would be townhouses in the shape of squares.

The families live in their own houses. But not with other families.

The houses are all the same shape but are able to have their own unique features. The houses are designed this way so that a bunch of the houses can fit in one area.

This is what our houses may look like.


  • Different Teachers (preschool to 5th, 6th to 8th, 9th to 12th)
  • Nurturers/Babysitters (people who take care of the children when the parents aren't around)
  • Different Farmers (ones who grow crops, others who deliver crops)
  • Caretakers (people who clean the streets, take out garbage, other things like such)
  • Enforcement (people like police who keep the laws and rules in check)

Older teachers would train the new teachers. Same with any of the other jobs.

Hard workers are chosen for farmers.

Male and Female farmer

People who take pride in the things they do are chosen for Enforcement.

Enforcement Uniform

People that are gentle and loving are chosen for Nurturers/Babysitters.

Nurturer Uniform

People who are compelled to learn and like children are chosen for teachers.

Male Teacher Uniform
Female Teacher Uniform

People who don't care what they do (ones who don't have a certain passion) are chosen for caretakers.

Caretaker Uniform


We do not have a money system.

We don't have money in our community because people make things way to expensive and people are worried to much about money.

We pay people by giving them a free house to live in and we send people into clean their houses.

People get what they need to survive by trading with other communities or other people in our community.


For transportation in our community we have nice buses to pic people up and take them where they to go.

We have buses because cars are too much money that we don't have and for social reasons.

Our community is 1241.2 square feet.


Our community is built on an island off the coast of Ireland.

Our climate mildly cold but still warm enough to grow crops and swim. Kind of a tropical climate.

The seasons change but not drastically.

There are not many animals in our community. Just livestock and pets. We need livestock for food and pets for fun.


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