Bridge to Terabithia Kathrine Patterson

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Claim One: The Description of the Character Jess Aaron's is very different from the book to the movie. In the book they describe him as a long legged 10 year old boy with straw colored hair. " His straw colored hair flapped hard against his forehead, and his arms and legs flew out every which way."( Paterson 4). " He had never learned to run properly, but he was long-legged for a ten-year-old" (Paterson). In the movie he is a bit different. He has brown hair and he is also a bit short.

Claim two: Prince Terrien the dog is very different from the book to the movie. The dog is described as "The dog was a little brown-and-black thing with great brown eyes" (Paterson 76), and also described as having a lot of energy but in the movie he is white and black and not so energetic . He is not in the movie very much even though he is in the book a good bit. Also its very hard to find a picture of him.

Claim three: Jess and Leslie's relationship. In the book they are very close and Jess really feels for her, but in the movie you cannot tell how close they are. I would of liked them to maybe make it more up front because they are very close friends. " He wanted to tell her how proud and good she make him feel, the rest of Christmas didn't matter because today had been so good"(Paterson 78). Jess has true feelings for Leslie in the book but in the movie you could not tell unless you had read the book.

Claim Four: In the book, when Jess makes a memorial for Leslie in Terabithia, he does so in the Grove of Pines. He makes it out of tree branches. In the movie, the Grove of Pines is not shown, but instead he sends a little boat down the creek with a picture of her that he drew. This area is important because they used to go there to ask the gods to restore things in Terabithia.

Claim five: In the book all the things they encounter in Terabithia are imaginary, but in the movie they are real things that they see when they go into Terabithia. This is a major difference that they chose to add in the film.

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