Massachusettes is the best

Massachusetts bulit the first lighthouse in america also basket ball was invented in 1891 by James naismith in springfield Massachusttes.
Massachusetts state dog is the boston terreir they are very intelligent and are one of the first dog breeds. The are also called the misleading.Did you know that Hellen Keller had a boston terrier.
Massachustes state bird is the black capped chickadee. Did you know that the black capped chickadee makes atleast 15 calls a day to communicate with its flock mates. They rest in holes or dead trees and bushes they also can renember where they hid their food for over month.
Did you know that massachustes state flower is the MayFlower it is also called trailing arbutas.The Maylower is always getting visited by the queen bee.The Mayflower usually grows in sandy or rocky areas. Unfortunitly the Maylower is getting endangered.
Massachusetes state insect is the ladybug did you know that the lady bug is acutally a beetle not a bug. Also ladybugs practice canivlisim. They also bleed in their knees when they are scared .The "lady bug" refers to Virgin Mary.
Massachusetes state motto is Ense Petit placidam sub libertate quitem tarnslated : By the sword we seek peace but peace only under liberty. Massachustes got their state motto in 1885.
Massachusets state nickname is the baystate the baystate was found in 1670 their govener is John winthrop by 1614 the population grew to 200,000 people.

Massachusetes state song is All hail to massachustes the words and music by Arthur J. marsh on September 3, 1966 the song was commen for bravery and wealth.

Massachusetes state stone is the pudding stone also known as the plum-pudding stone they are often very sandy. You can usually find the pudding stone in St.Joseph's. The puddinh stone was found in 1816.
Did you know that Massachusetes state tree is the Ulmus Americana and it can frow up to 80 feet. The Ulmus Americana used to live up to 200 years but the tree got a desies so it know only lives for 30 years. The Ulmas Americana leaves can grow up to 4-6 inches.
Massachusetes state capital is Boston did you know that named boston after a town in England. The first american light house was built in Massachusettes Boston also Boston built the FIRST chocolate factory.
Worcester invented white chocolate on accident did you know that the smilly emoji was made in worcester.
Massachusetes weather is mainly humid, warm summers ,and snowy winters.
The old sturbirdge first opened in June 8, 1946 on less that in less than 10 years their was more than 21million people visited. Did you know that everything their is man made.
The three tourist attractions is the Freedom trail, Faneuil hall, and Fenway park. Did you know that the freedom trail is as long a 2.5 miles The freedom trail takes you to 16 important sites.Also fenway park was about to get burned down in May 18,1928 Abarham lincoln had his last speech in Fenway park. Also on Faneuil hall Janurary 8, 1761 a fire destroyed half of Faneuil hall.
The three famous people that were born in Massachusetts are John Adams,ClaraBarton,and BenjaminFranklin. Did you know that JohnAdams was a horrible dancer. Also clara barton died in April, 1912 she was also a nurse in the civil war. BenjaminFranklin died in April 17, 1706 also BenjaminFranklin could speak 5 languages.
2 teams in Massachusetts are the boston bruins and the boston red sox. The boston bruins is a hockey team an the boston red sox are a baseball team. The boston bruins have won a game 4 times in a row. The boston red sox won 86 games.
2 colleges that are in Massachusetts are Lesley University and Harvard University. Lesley university had 5,000 graduate's. Harvard University has a statue since 1638.


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