My Rainforest Utopia


Of course there would be lots of vegetation due to the rainy environment i would probably need a constant supplies bring in of cheerios and milk to keep me sane.


For shelter, i would like to live in a cabin containing a working wood fireplace, fridge and lots of windows.

Other Needs

While living in my utopia, i would need a few things to hold me down. This would be, a life-time supply of books, something with music and defiantly basic hygienic items, like a tooth brush and soap, as well as contacts.


In my utopia, i would prefer if there were no people but i would like a dog

Created By
Alexandra Rollier


Created with images by Garden State Hiker - "Island Interior & Rainforest" • SurFeRGiRL30 - "A Toddlers Fave Snack" • MyFavoritePetSitter - "DSC05919" • herbert2512 - "ipod ipod nano apple" • ElvisClooth - "weimaraner puppy dog"

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