Drinkin' Smokin' & West Coastin' is Think Tank Gallery's love (or hate) letter to the biggest exporter of culture in the world: the City of Los Angeles. Featuring hundreds of art pieces by some of the biggest artists in the skate, street, and illustration genres, and dozens of performances by musicians that have shaped West Coast, American, and worldwide culture through their Southland-centric tunes, DS&WC is a broad stroke with which to paint The Container Yard in a light seen by millions of LA-fetishizing-fanatics, both online and in person. Add a well-curated series of programming and you'll become the spot to see this Summer. Our previous largescale installations have been shared by media to hundreds of millions of artists, musicians and fans, and it's time now to invite creators (and The Yard) to present work about the city that defines us and has made this all possible.

Prior Partners


The most coveted street artist in the world, NYCHOS (over 500K followers) has signed on to create the official mural for the show, permanently painted on a DTLA wall with 600,000+ passersby per day. Montana (German) is providing paint, and your brand would host the official mural release video, press outreach, and limited edition print.
A list of selected artists, updated daily, with social media reach. Over 60 artists will hang work in DS&WC.
Concept posters for potential DS&WC concerts.

Think Tank Gallery doesn't just hang art and call it a day. We're a full fledged production company that serves as creative directors on massive festivals like Night on Broadway (70K+ attendees), and for our major shows we fill a monthlong calendar with dozens of events ranging from supper clubs to comedy shows. For DS&WC we are taking a Red Bull 30 Days of Sound approach, with our sights set on the influence of G-Funk hip hop and West Coast surf punk on LA and the world as a whole. Throw in some Cumbia, psych rock, and experimental producers, and your brand has the most talked-about event series in the city for Summer 2017. The names in the concept posters above are artists we're currently talking to.

Instagram calendar announcements from Break Bread 2016 series of events.

Perhaps the most original aspects of the Think Tank's productions are the way events integrate seamlessly into the theme of the show as a whole, in a setting with so much brilliant art as the focus. For our Break Bread experience in 2016 (full recap here), we held 28 events in 29 days, all with a different audience and event producer tapping into the theme of the show. In a city with some of the best producers in the world, all creating programs sharing a love for that city, DS&WC will see many different audiences of equal passion walking through your doors.

For six years, Think Tank Gallery has hung its hat on our internationally-covered installation work. Featured as one of Vice's Top 25 Most Instagrammable alongside the Broad Museum and the Whitney, we take pride in creating a scene that we know will get widespread coverage for our artists and our partners. We've begun hosting our events outside of our walls, and now with DS&WC will share one of our largescale productions with a handful of other venues.

Various theaters, concert halls, and pop-up spaces will share in the concert love, and one site will see the lion's share of media attention as our decked-out HQ to host all artworks and smaller nightly events. With hundreds of artworks on display, there will be something for everyone, but we like to create a few anchors for photo opps to achieve that Think Tank signature. See below for DS&WC concepts.

Hundreds of Nanoleaf interactive LED panels will be arranged behind and on the main stage, with a mesh screen overlay for responsive video art projections. The backdrop of LED panels (seen below for size) will be customized in real time by artists and even audiences as shows take place.
Ash Santos, teacher and designer of Volcom fame, has helped design the show with an intersection between audience, LA, music, and art. Hyper-interactive art is Think Tank's calling card, and Ash's work delivers. Featuring a racetrack made out of pizza boxes mounted with contact micorphones, audiences and musicians can drive cars around this experimental sound art stage while bands perform and manipulate the music. It functions like an effects pedal, but with a massive visual impact. Branding opportunities are littered throughout this piece.
Check out some of our prior brand collaborations and installations below to see how we've integrated partnerships in the past. Metrics and more portfolio pieces available upon request.

Cirque du Soleil x Think Tank Gallery Present: Break Bread


PBR x éS x Think Tank Gallery Present: Chilled Air


Stumptown Coffee x La Marzocco x Think Tank Gallery Present: Coffeegraph

With an aim at widespread accessibility, Think Tank Gallery knows its target audience. Over the years we've produced merchandise in the markets of skate, street, horror, and even porn culture, and we've always partnered in such a way to give our audience something to take home with them. Whether that's giveaway items or limited edition collectibles for sale, we're all about dope takeaways. To start DS&WC we've teamed up with Valley Cruise Press to produce a 6-pin and 1 patch package and limited run wine can series with Nomad Wine Co. with partner opportunities. See below.

Above, clockwise: Pornhub x TTG coloring book, Conca x TTG mural & print, PBR x TTG shirt run, Sailor Jerry x TTG print series, Valley Cruise Press x TTG teaser pin (promoting DS&WC 6-pack for March 2017); Below: Nomad Wine Co x DS&WC wine can mockups

While the exhibit, concerts, and merch will have the most lasting impact on our audiences directly, it's the documentation and promotional content that will spread from the Best Coast to Bangkok. With that in mind we focus heavily on creating solid and creative material that we're excited for fans and media to share. Past shows have seen over 100 million impressions in various online outlets, so we take our content seriously.

See some of our audience information below, our reach, online content for previous activations, and mood content for DS&WC.

We pride ourselves on top-notch teaser content, including a video campaign before each production. DS&WC will feature a wavey LA-themed campaign leading up to opening night and throughout the monthlong festivities that you can preview below. Also check out some of our prior video promotion:
Our videographer is a bonafide killer and plans to grab some anamorphic lenses and bang out a few surf and street themed teasers covering the show and our artists. See his reference videos below, as well as a curatorial statement from the director and an ongoing mood soundtrack for the show.
Click the links below to feel out our DS&WC vibes, in audio or essay format.
We've teamed up with our friends at Standard Vision for many of our past productions, projecting shows over one of the busiest streets in DTLA. Your brand can host this video or series of videos for DS&WC. Inquire for more info.

Want to get involved? Contact our Director:

Jacob Patterson • thinktankgallery@gmail.com • 916.670.3801

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