Initial Planning

When I was given the brief I had a rough idea what set up I would need when shooting from previous knowledge shooting with still life, but i wanted to look into the different set ups I would need to use to achieve the 3 different photos that the assignment states;

  • Lifestyle Photograph
  • Creative Concept Photograph
  • Product Shot Photograph (White Backdrop)

When looking into planning the set ups specifically I did some research into some lighting diagrams on pinterest and put them into a board, Which I have showed below in some screen grabs of the pinterest board.

When I had decided on each set up I made a lighting diagram for each;


The white backdrop was the most difficult out of the 3 to setting it up and getting it right. I played around with different set ups but this one gave the most even spread of light. Because the bottle has a white label which made it extremely difficult to get no reflection on every part of the bottle at the one tie, in the same shot.


Creative concept took a lot of thought, i thought of maybe trying to incorporate coconuts as it was a coconut rum so I did play around with set ups. I have give the diagram of my final set up. Again with this set up it took some experimenting, but the final result was pretty good I felt for my first attempt using gels over the lights.


When the word lifestyle was mentioned, ideally I would have a stunning Caribbean beach bar with the sun beaming down, unfortunately that kind of money wasn't within my budget. I had seen a lot of bar carts when on Instagram and on some blogs I read, so I thought that that set up would look quite nice, again I didn't have £200 to purchase a beautiful marble top bar cart but I made it work. I went and purchased what I had seen on bar carts through research and created a set up on a white table. Not shown in the above the diagram, I used fairy lights in the background to create a bokeh effect which i felt really added to the final image.



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